August 19th, 2009

sunshine, sunny

Hot? Well, It's Summer!

I've checked the local weather a couple of times online. One place says it's currently 92°, another 93° -- but it's no 100°, at least! The temperature is supposed to go down every day this week and be just over 80°, which is perfect.

But I'm not complaining about the 90+ temps -- it is summer, after all!

I've done the cat boxes -- and all the rest of the garbage and recycling. And a load of dishes (with another that needs to be done).

I went on a huge hunt for some photos today -- we have two large dresser drawers filled with our family photos, so it was no small task. Happily, I finally found what I was looking for! Hurray for me!

Now I need to do a pile of picture scanning, when I get the time. Actually, I somehow deleted a folder of things I'd scanned years back, so I guess you could say I need to RE-scan stuff. (sigh) There's no point in dwelling on the loss (I don't even know what all was in the now-missing folder), as that's pointless. But I'd still like to scan more photos ANYWAY, so I'll start all over again...

I talked to friend Mitch for over an hour today. It had been ages since we'd spoken. Tomorrow (Thursday, August 20) is his birthday, so we're going to all go to the beach with him on Friday. Friday is an unpaid furlough day at the festival, so the entire Staff has the day off.

Last year we also went also went to the beach to celebrate Mitch's bday (as I told about HERE), so maybe this is now a tradition. (smile)

Anyway, it should be fun. I wonder if we'll also take along our laptops? And if we'll go and play Fascination or not?