August 18th, 2009

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Abby and Levi (and sister Sue) - a Trip to Starbucks!

Sister Sue suzy_qp phoned and invited me to go to the park with her and two of her grandkids, Levi and Abby. I was tied up at that point and declined, but did end up going with them to Starbucks (in St. Johns). I shot a few photos, so thought I'd share.

Levi talks a blue streak and is smart as can be at three years old! (He's also so sweet. He reminds me of his dad, Larry, at that age.) He loved the stuff dinosaur I gave it (and made it roar and whisper in his ear). He didn't mean to spill all over, which made me laugh like crazy and put a quick end to our outting!

And don't count 20-month old Abby out. She was a little scared of me at first (I'd never seen her before), but was soon friendly as can be. She's starting to talk and wants to do everything that 'brother' does. (smile)

Abby - 20 months old: August 18, 2009
Strawberry drink in my sippy cup? Yummy!
Thanks Grammy, you're very good to us.

Abby - 20 months old: August 18, 2009
I might have a drip on my chin. Please ignore
it. I'm so cute it should be easy to do!

Abby - 20 months old: August 18, 2009
Is this pink pig mine? That's right! I happen
to consider pink my personal color, by the way.

Levi - 3 years old: August 18, 2009
I love my dino! And I say 'cheese' when you
take a photo of me!

Levi - 3 years old: August 18, 2009
My strawberry drink is really good! I don't
need a sippy cup, I can drink like a big
boy -- and get a nice mustache! (Psst!
The donut is good, too! Thanks, Grammy!)

Levi - 3 years old: August 18, 2009
My dino might become a fashion statement,

After I'd climbed out of the car to head in the house, both kids were saying 'Goodbye, Charlie' -- even little Abby was saying my name! Isn't that sweet???

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MonaVie Tasting?

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I have been invited to a MonaVie tasting next Monday (by Ron C., a friend we've know for years).


I don't know... I immediately tend to think it's just very expensive fruit juice ($40 a bottle). But on the other hand, if it really can help improve health, then why not? What better place can we spend money than on being healthy?

So, we'll see, I guess...