August 17th, 2009

haystack rock, beach charlie

Another Beach Day!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I are at Tolovanna Park just outside Cannon Beach, Oregon, sitting at a concrete park bench and both typing away. Very cool!

It's not that easy to SEE out here (smile), but who cares?

It's a hazy day (you can still see blue sky), around 75° here where we are. I can smell the ocean (which is close by) and hear the waves...

Lovely, in other words!

We were just in Seaside (Oregon), where we had corn dogs, then played the 4:00 p.m. Coverall (Fascination).

I'm in my blue shorts, sandals and just took off my jacket and am sleeveless. There's a stiff breeze and I can smell the ocean and hear the waves pounding.

I wonder if next winter I'll look back at this entry and wish I could be here?

This coming Thursday (August 20) is Mitch's bday and we've been talking about repeating the beach trip from last year (with Mitch, sister Sue suzy_qp and us, which was good fun. Marilyn is off Friday (another unpaid furlough day), so we could either go then or Saturday, depending on what works for him...

We're maybe going to do a 'flash slash' session -- timing ourselves like in the old days and writing a fanfic. (smile) We haven't done that in YEARS, so it would be fun. Or not. Marilyn's working on one of her current fics while I type this blog entry -- and I have a fic I started last night that I could work on, so it's all good.

A bumble bee just buzzed around me! I actually like bumble bees a lot and didn't mind his short visit. But this morning while we were having our breakfast out on the deck, a yellow jacket (!!!) came around -- and I am not a fan. We need to get a trap for them, as we had some when we were outside with our Writing Group, too.

We did TRY to go the Internet Coffe shop in Seaside AGAIN (!!!), but in the five minutes after checking to see they were open that it took us to walk to our car and get our laptops, they CLOSED.

I asked a guy there about it and he said on 'slow days' they close at 4:35. They don't have their hours up anywhere, for the record, as we've tried to find out when they're open before. The is the FINAL TIME we will ever try to go there. We're both really annoyed with that place now...

The sun is striking our backs, shoulders and arms and it feels WONDERFUL. This is so special! We are very blessed.

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