August 13th, 2009


Work Day.

I finally got in to the festival office!

Anyway, I was excited to give Jeff his new laptop (just like mine) -- and he was excited to get it! I can't wait to hear how it goes when he tries to Remote using it from home...

I tested twice at work today with no muss or fuss. It's really very easy. Now I rarely take the meter from it's spot in the carrying case. In fact, the only thing I remove is the Lancet Device and one test strip. I leave the barrel of strips in the strap and just open it and slip out a strip.

Works fine!

My results today were 111 (fasting), 121 and 129 -- all in a good range. Obviously stopping the Glipizide (which Marilyn mistressmarilyn insisted I do) was the RIGHT decision, as now I seem pretty nicely balanced. I'm looking forward to having the doctor see my numbers.

I did some website and IT related work today. I need to do more, though...

Today is nicer weather -- overcast, but not raining. It's been POURING for two days! I can't wait for it to warm up again -- and not be humid, which it has been.

I'm looking forward to reading my book tonight. It's great to be able to read again!