August 11th, 2009

computer, computer monitor

Crazy Computer. (sigh)

While messing around with our new iPods last night, I had my mouse suddenly appear to 'die' on me. So I spent over two hours getting it back running again! It was annoying as hell -- and I was really too tired to be messing with it like that, believe me. (sigh)

Anyway, after plugging and unplugging and using two other mice to test and researching like mad, I finally got it to work -- as if nothing had ever happened. Go figure. Let's just say it's damn hard to use a computer without a working mouse. Possible, granted, but not a good thing. (Funny when I think back to the early computer days, before we had mice! How spoiled I am now...)

Marilyn mistressmarilyn didn't feel well today (no wonder after yesterday and all the activity and stress), so she stayed home from work -- which means I did, as well. She stayed in bed for much of the day, and I took it really easy, too.

I actually started to read a new book today. It's the first time I've been able to read a book since going on my new meds, so I was really excited and happy about this. (I adore reading, after all, and have been going nuts wanting to do it.) I still need to see my eye doctor, hopefully soon. (It's the time of year I usually go in, which is perfect.)

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I love my new iPod and am loving using it. The sleekness, size and weight are all good things, I love the color and the additional storage room is fabulous!

It's also fun to see how much Sue is enjoying her iPod! She loves the sound (who doesn't?) and says she can 'hear all the words' now. Go, Sue!

I cooked a big mess of green tomatoes and zucchini (with rice) for dinner. It was wonderful (as always).

When I got up from napping earlier in the day, it was raining out. I thought about taking up the cushions, but figured I wouldn't bother, as they were already wet. When Marilyn got up we discussed it, and I convinced her not to bother. Boy, was I ever WRONG. (sigh) It's just poured and poured since then! It's going to take a lot of sunshine and HEAT to dry them out now...

Needless to say, our weather has taken a turn -- and not a lovely one. I'm glad it was nice last night so we could use the deck when people were here! This pouring rain is maddening... And it's currently only 66° here.

We have a gathering with friends outside next Saturday, so I hope it gets warmer (and stays dry). The forecast is for cloudy weather and 76°, which would be fine. My fingers are crossed!

We decided to skip going to see the Perseids Meteor Showers for this year (which I guess is obvious, as we'd have left by now!). Just as well, as because of the weather they were saying we wouldn't be able to see them, anyway, unless we were in Southern Oregon...

Well, I think I'm going to go nap or read now.