August 8th, 2009

busy caesar, busy

Party Tonight!

We have 'Margaritas by Moonlight' tonight (held at Sue and Dennis' house). Charold (and her husband Rich) bought this package at the auction in 2008, and have invited Marilyn mistressmarilyn and me to attend -- how NICE of them!

We're both excited to go. Sometimes this isn't true about the parties we attend, as they end up being more WORK for us (meaning not relaxing, and sometimes not fun at all). Of course, parties at Sue's house are such lovely things! She's the Party Queen, no doubt about it.

To be honest, Marilyn and I get far more social invites than we'd ever care to accept. But it's lovely to be liked by other wonderful people! We realize that people enjoy our company (which humbles us both, seriously) and that there's also that added element of liking to have us attend because we do represent the festival in so many ways. So we're used to getting a lot of invites to do things, all year round. We're just even more lazy about going during the summer, I guess!

Marilyn has felt just a touch 'under the weather' for some time, which I think is due to the need to recover from a difficult work season. And it's not as if the stress goes away for her when the festival is over, which many people believe. Her job is always busy and always high stress, and she deals with it better than anyone I know. But it's no surprise that when she gets time off she doesn't really want to do much of anything, except relax, play games, take some rides and sleep.

Right now she's getting her hair done (colored -- with maybe a trim). I need to get an appointment and get mine cut, too. We never did go for either manicures or pedicures, which just seemed like work to us. But we did go tan so we'd look nice tonight.

And I helped take off Marilyn's toenail polish and then helped paint her toenails last night. She picked a beautiful dark purple shade that looks fabulous!

My own pedicure looks almost like new, believe it or not. I'm still getting compliments on it weeks later...

Not sure what I'm WEARING tonight (so many of my clothes are too big on me right now), but that's okay. I'll figure something out! I'm sure it will be somewhat casual, even if it is an evening affair.

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Well, on that note, I want to take my bike out for a spin. (smile)

We might go for a ride with sister Sue suzy_qp when Marilyn gets home...

And we all three need to get writing!

I've been picking up and getting ready to clean the living room. Our Writing Circle meets at our house on Monday night, so that's always motivation! (grin)

I'm afraid I did let it go during this vacation. I got Jeff's laptop from the office (where I had it delivered), and I spent hours yesterday morning setting it all up for him to use. It's identical to my own, so I know he'll love it, because I really love mine! There were boxes in the room (his laptop carton and mine), all my diabetes stuff (piles of it everywhere), my juicer and just STUFF everywhere! I've got a good start on it (it's pretty well picked up now), so I can start the dusting and vacuuming soon...

We'd better get to that writing, seeing as none of the three of us have even started. (yikes)