August 2nd, 2009

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Excel? Word? Why Are They So Hard? (sigh)

So, I developed the chart I wanted in Excel. But I don't really need this as a spreadsheet, so I moved it over into Word. Personally, I like to make a 'table' first in Excel, then transfer (copy and paste) it into Word. Believe it or not, it seems to work better, and doesn't really seem like 'extra' steps, because I find it a bigger pain to create the table in Word. (smile)

Both Excel and Word have some very annoying default behaviors, in my opinion. And they're far from user-friendly. It seems like even the most simple thing is a bear to manage.

I still miss WordPerfect. You could view Reveal Codes, and easily remove whatever formatting you didn't care for, thankfully. Word? If you really want to reformat, you need to pull things out and make them ASCII (text only format), then put them back in to Word and format. What a pain!

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The main thing right now? My results are really good and I'm not stressed by the changes in my life. In other news, my mouth is hurting far less than earlier in the week, which is a good thing. I'd prefer not to take Vicodin if I don't have to. (I was amused when Paul advised me about how addictive it is. I'm the 'half a pill' type -- and if I do take a full pill, I don't end up taking more than two pills in any given day, which I told him. When I had my surgery years back and went for my two week evaluation, the doctor wanted to give me more pain pills. I said, "Why? I still have a half bottle left." I'm just not big on taking any meds unless I absolutely MUST. But it was sweet of Paul to be worried about me...)

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"Public Enemies"

We went to see "Public Enemies" again today. Fun, fun. Seriously, Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I both just love that movie.

And I can have popcorn and a hotdog and still be fine with my current diet, believe it or not!

I just made an icon for "Public Enemies" to use here. It's not that great, but I'll make a better one later on...

We considered going to Seaside tonight to play Fascination, but rejected the idea.

Sister Sue suzy_qp did really well at her cribbage tournament. I'll have to get the details again so I can post about them. Anyway, she's within a few points of getting her Master status, which is very cool! She got back this evening and was pretty beat...

So we went to the Super Wal-Mart to get some things we needed (a rather long list). Tomorrow we need to go to Rite-Aid to pick up meds.

And we played more games tonight and just lazed around. All good!

"Terminator Salvation" is playing at the Mount Hood theater -- one of our faves (out in Gresham). We might need to go see it again while it's there...

I love summer and vacation!