July 27th, 2009

sunshine, sunny

Hot? Yes!

We're having HOT weather this week -- which should include some record highs (!!!).

Today they're saying we might go to 100°, which is really hot for Portland, Oregon! (It wouldn't be a record heat for today, but they say tomorrow will probably be a record high...)

So we watered a lot and are hanging around INSIDE, doing very little. It's nice to be off today, that's for sure!

We're considering going to the show (to see Harry Potter again), but so far we've just watched TV and played games. Nice!

Summer is hammering us, but I still can't bring myself to complain about the heat. (smile)

computer power

Notebook Cooling Pad wtih Built-In Fans

Notebooks get notoriously hot when held on your lap. (I'm always trying to explain this to people.)

Anyway, it's natural to want to use them this way (on your lap, I mean), so all you need to do is get a cooling pad (there are many types). Checking it out, I found this one: Notebook Cooling Pad wtih Built-In Fans

Notebook Cooling Pad wtih Built-In Fans

Sounds like a great idea for a great price...