July 21st, 2009


Plumber Today. Thankfully!

I guess my 'hammer' icon doesn't work that well for plumbing-related issues, but it's the best I've got right now. (I seriously need to find time to make some new icons!)

After going shopping (late) to Super Wal-Mart (a 24-hour store) last night, we came home and had groceries (etc.) to unpack. Marilyn mistressmarilyn took a cube of Diet Pepsi to the downstairs fridge and while doing so checked the sink (but didn't mention it to me). Next we discovered that one item (Dawn foam) was open inside a bag and had spilled on several things, so I rushed to rinse it all off in the kitchen sink. Then I carried some things down to the fridge in the utility room and glanced into the sink -- and started to freak out. I went to tell Marilyn, as the water was much higher.

She then told me she JUST CHECKED IT, and it had been the same as earlier!

By that point we'd reasoned out it was the water running in the kitchen sink, but we tested it, just to be sure. Then I bailed the sinks into the toilet until I got the level down. This morning I bailed more, figuring the plumber will need it fairly empty to work -- and it may as well be me doing that work, as I'm not 'on the clock' when I do it. (And plumbers cost enough as it is.)

In health news, I have my appointment with the doctor tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. (Dr. Stevens' assistant just phoned to confirm it. They have to do that these days, or most people simply wouldn't show. Isn't that a stupid waste of her time? What can't people be adults and manage to make their appointments without so much prompting?)

I also work up yesterday morning with something HARD inside my mouth. I immediately thought I'd broken (another) tooth -- but when I examine the object it's dark in color. It turns out that a filling has come out, so I need to get in to the dentist to get it fixed. (When I brushed my teeth before bed I got toothpaste inside that tooth and it about killed me, so I'd better not put it off too long!) I've got an on-going issue with my dentist (Mary) that I'm trying to resolve, so hopefully this will help move that along.

Oops! I've got a work-related thing that I should have done Friday that needs to be done RIGHT NOW. So I'll have to blog again later...

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Plumber's Done -- Good Deal!

The plumber (Roger) has been here and gone -- and it only (only???) cost $92.00. I haven't been down to check on the state of the filthy sinks yet (sigh), but will do so shortly.

As I was saying goodbye to Roger, there was a knock at the door. I figure it's my laptop and go running to answer. A guy is heading away down the steps, and I bend down to pick up the package he's left. I ask if he needs a signature, but he says, "No, that's why I just left it." And off he goes.

I take the package in the house and realize it's way too small -- and light -- to be my laptop. Sure enough, the hard drives I thought would be here tomorrow have arrived! (This is good news, as I was worried they might come while I was at the doctor.) Now I need to contact Ron and see how soon he can come and do that (much needed) work.

And I need to go down to the utility room and clean up the mess from the plumber. (ugh)

As I mentioned earlier, I lost a filling and am having pain. So I broke down and phoned my former dentist Mary for an appointment. Happily it was her on the phone, so I set an appointment for Thursday (July 23) at 11:00. (Weird. 11:00 tomorrow for the doctor and 11:00 Thursday for the dentist.)

I've blogged my problems with Mary (and mainly with her office manager) before, so I won't go into all that again. I've been seeing Mary since the late 1990's, so it was a blow when I stopped. But she phoned me just after the festival and we've been trying to work it out. I'm anxious to just go back to her, as I really need some dental work done. (Maybe a Higher Power is giving me a little 'push' to get in to see her... smile...) Sister Sue suzy_qp is going to take me, which is very kind of her.

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Anyway, I'm still waiting for my laptop to arrive.

I did the tracking thing this morning and it supposedly left to be delivered to 'DESTINATION' this morning at 10:05 a.m. That means it could arrive any time today, I guess. Can't wait!

Meanwhile, I'm dealing with IT-related issues (billings, orders that need to be made, etc.), so I'd better get back to that. I've been letting festival work slide a bit lately, and I need to get back to it! Marilyn was pleased with the website thing I did earlier, so that's a good thing... I'm not a total slacker after all. (grin)

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New Laptop!

The new laptop was finally delivered, after 6:30 p.m. sometime. (yikes) I'd started to think it wasn't going to come today after all...

Anyway, I can't believe that I'm in the living room posting to my blog. That's just so cool!

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The monitor is very clear. I think I'll be able to do graphics with this. (But I'll probably have to use an external mouse for that!)

Today is another hot day -- though I can't for the life of me find out anywhere what the high was today, whatever that's about. It was a good day to be inside with air conditioning, I'll tell you that.

I'm going to play with my new laptop now!

cat and mouse

Laptop Update!

I'm now using my laptop in the family room downstairs! And I'm connected to the internet via our router in the upstairs office. Yeah, yeah, I get that this is really no big deal, but it seems like one right now! I am so loving this.

It was a busy (and stressful) day, but an exciting one, too!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn is watching some show on TV ("Haunted History") that's featuring some local ghosts ("Haunted Northwest"). Interesting!

As I'm enjoying my new (and inexpensive) laptop, I have to wonder WHY I waited so long to get one... Who knew I could get one this cool for so little $$$?

It's seriously nap time. And I have to see the doctor tomorrow. (sigh) Not looking forward to it, but it would be nice to know what's going on with me -- assuming he knows. And I'll be glad to get some dental done on Thursday, too.

Ron is coming Friday to work on my desktop computer. I can't wait to see him -- it's been ages! Ron is such a good guy. And I'll love getting my desktop in better shape, considering how much I use the poor old thing.