July 10th, 2009

I write therefor I am

One Space or Two at the End of a Sentence? ONE.

Actually, I've been saying this for YEARS now.

I don't care what you were originally taught -- or how many years you've been using a different method. I was taught the two-space after some punctuation method, too -- and I used it for many, many years.

If I could change what I was taught, so can anyone else who is willing to try. Period. (Saying 'period' is a joke, but not so much... sigh.)

Happily this was addressed by DailyWritingTips.Com today in THIS entry.

I've been fighting the 'good fight' for ages with numerous people (including people I work with). Hopefully this old-fashioned habit of two spaces will eventually fall out of practice. I can't believe that many publishers still want us to use it, which I find ridiculous in this day and age!

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