July 2nd, 2009

sunshine, sunny

"Public Enemies"

We went to see "Public Enemies" last night, and it's FABULOUS. I love Michael Mann, I really do. This is such an incredible piece of work. You really feel like you've fallen into the 1930's...

(Apologies if you follow the above 'official movie website' link and find it DIFFICULT. I really hate the Flash sites created for movies -- and this appears to be an especially bad one... sigh...)

All of the acting was excellent in the movie -- and the constant closeups work quite well. I'd recommend it to anyone, whether you're a Depp and/or Bale fan, or not.

We didn't get home until around 12:30 a.m. -- then I still needed to do the garbage and recycling (!!!). One of my bags of soda cans got blown over and Marilyn mistressmarilyn kindly went out and picked them all up out of the street. Then my garbage bag with the used kitty litter got a hole as I was putting it in the garbage can, spewing litter all over the grass. Plus we were picking up cushion stuffing that the squirrels had turned into a nest. This week they suddenly started throwing it all over the ground! Marilyn suggested the two squirrels had 'split the sheets' (broken up), as they were both there and chattering unpleasantly for ages. What a mess they made! The stuffing was EVERYWHERE. (From them ruining the cushions on our swing.)

Bo and Earle finished up the job yesterday. I need to take photos and share them.

Marilyn got up and started cleaning our lawn furniture this morning. I planted begonias in the front bed (she helped, of course) -- and we have many left to plant in pots in the back. Now we want to go get our impatiens for the big flower boxes out back (near the deck). It's late to be planting them, so we really need to get them in!

no way lj, lj -- no way

LiveJournal? What's Up?

I made an entry this morning and (supposedly) Saved it. But when I came to do another entry now (almost 12 hours later), the entry wasn't displaying!

It did offer to 'Restore from draft?' (as if I'd never posted it!!!), so it was there. And I edited the time to the correct hour from this morning -- but I'm still annoyed!

I wonder what happened???

flag (burst)

Busy, Productive Vacation Day!

Today was a busy, productive vacation day for us! But actually, today was the first of five unpaid furlough days where the festival office will be closed during the next five pay periods. (The other days are: Friday, July 31; Friday, August 7; Friday, August 21; and Friday, September 4.) Our office is also be closed tomorrow (Friday, July 3) for the 4th of July holiday. So today and tomorrow don't count against Marilyn's mistressmarilyn actual vacation days (if that makes sense).

I guess a lot of businesses are having unpaid furlough days in order to keep going, so it's no surprise that the festival needs to do it, too. It comes to around a 10% pay cut for the Staff, which is nothing to sneeze at, but it's better than not having a job at all.

Anyway, that aside, Marilyn and I did get our impatiens (mentioned HERE -- in the entry that didn't post correctly!) -- and then we planted many of them tonight when it had cooled down a bit. We have a TON of work to do in the yard tomorrow, as we want things looking nice for the Fourth (which is obviously Saturday). But we did get a start on it today, anyway!

It was 96° here today! (whew) That may not sound hot to many of you, but for Portland that's really up there.

We're so very thankful for our air conditioning, I have to tell you. We realize how very blessed we are to have it!

I'm sitting here in shorts and an American tank top (the American flag in the shape of a map of the country -- it was $3 brand new!), sweating like a pig. I need a shower after being out working in the dirt planting. (ugh) Marilyn is showering now as we were both a mess.

One of our unusual tasks was trying to poke holes in the bottom of one of our large pots. It looks like pottery, but it's that formed plastic. These are terrific, easy to clean, can be left out in the winter and won't crack -- and they look great! But why-oh-why don't they have an easy way to make drainage holes??? I'd had a fern in this pot, but it got too much water during our water-logged winter, which killed it. The same is true for this really huge pot we've got. I don't know what we'll do about that one, as we can't lift it (we have to drag it to move it at all) -- so we can't dump it upside down like we did the smaller pot. (sigh) I hate killing plants with too much water, which is something I've been known to do in the house, over-watering my plants.

Anyway, we're going to have a late dinner once I've showered, so I think I'll get to it!