June 26th, 2009


Painter? Yes!

Looks like we found our painter today! I had Bo by at 10:30. He measured and started the bid process and gave me a rough estimate before he left. He had the full estimate emailed to me (in detail) within another hour.

He seems totally ethical and very friendly -- I liked him immensely! He's tall and black (an attractive guy) and looks really strong!

It looks like Bo and his cousin will start the job with power-washing this Sunday (!!!). We might even have the work done before the Fourth of July. Wouldn't that be cool???

Now I need to call (clueless) Dennis and let him know we found another guy...

That was a pretty painless process. And I might help Bo set up his website (and some other things), which I'd enjoy. It's all good!

And Marilyn mistressmarilyn is already talking about using his carpentry skills...

computer, computer monitor

Computer Frustrations? No Kidding.

I wanted to KILL my poor computer today. Seriously.

Of course, as it kept crashing, I wasn't thinking the fault was actually with my computer! Surprise, surprise, Charlie -- you needed to be looking closer to home for fault...

I was trying to Remote to the office and do some work as the Administrator (IT-related junk, as always), but I had nothing but issues!

Not fair to blame my poor (old) computer, because I had the C: drive (the system drive in my dual hard-drive computer) so FULL it couldn't do anything. So actually this was MY problem -- and I'm to blame!

I had to take off a ton of applications (Dreamweaver and Flash, which I never use anyway -- to name only two) before it started to behave! And I stupidly dumped all my Favorites in Deepnet Explorer (my Internet Explorer clone) and had a bear of a time getting them back again. This is no small thing, considering I have hundreds of Favorites (Bookmarks)!

I have around 4 gigs free now -- but that's NOT going to cut it. (But I was FULL before, so it's all relative, of course.)

I've wanted Ron to work on my computer for ages, so I asked him to look into a new (larger) hard drive. In fact, I might have him beef up BOTH drives, depending on the cost. He can ghost the contents, so we wouldn't need to do a new install of the OS, which would be awesome. (I don't want to lost my email, that's for sure!)

At least I'm able to Remote again. I can't function for doing festival work without it, frankly.

I'm sitting here yawning. I guess I'm hitting the wall. Marilyn mistressmarilyn is still at work (it's close to 5:30), and she had another brutal day -- getting ready to go on vaca for two weeks! It's going to be a pain to have work being done during that first week, but it will be GREAT to get it over with. Plus we'll be happy to have it all looking good this summer, I'm sure!

Right now I'd love to curl up with my book and then have a long nap. It sounds like the perfect start to vacation to me!

Anyway, depending on how much the improvements to my desktop cost, I'm still thinking about finally getting a laptop. I could really use one, if the price is right...

I was talking about it as a luxury item recently, but Marilyn reminded me that it's really a tool for work. So I guess it is justified to get it.