June 22nd, 2009


Casserole Dishware

I just got a new casserole dish -- thanks, Marilyn mistressmarilyn, you're so good to me! It's the French White CorningWare dish.

This is part of my apparently never-ending QUEST to replace the casserole dish that Mom gave me years back, part of the CorningWare 'Spice of Life' series. If you're familiar with this set, you, too, might find it special. I recall I was delighted when Mom gave two of these to me. I never took a photo of it, I'm sorry to say. But I found one just like it online (of course), so here's what it looked like:
'Spice of Life' CorningWare casserole with lid

And here's the new one, with lid:
French White CorningWare casserole with lid

And again without lid:
French White CorningWare casserole (no lid)

I think the new dish is lovely, I really do. But impractical to some degree. I mean, no handles means it's much more difficult to get it in and out of the oven, for example -- or just to move it when hot ANYWHERE, frankly. I guess the French White is a really popular design -- I also have some of the smaller pieces.

Anyway, in the middle of the night last night it came to me: 'I bet I can get the same casserole dish at eBay.'

Sure enough, they have it there! I'm currently the top bidder on one being sold by a person in Kentucky that looks almost like new. It's probably in better shape than mine was.

Yes, I had a sentimental attachment to my now-gone casserole dish, that's true. But as I've tried to cook without it, I've realized it's about more than sentiment. My other two large casseroles are flat, not deep. They're great for brownies and cakes and cornbread -- and they work okay for casseroles, too -- though they tend to be more dry, I'm afraid. But the deep dish is perfect for making my casseroles. The new French White dish is good, if not perfect. But I would love to have the truly PERFECT 'Spice of Life' dish again.

Marilyn just came home to pick up her laptop for an afternoon meeting. When I told her about all of this, she insisted I should raise my bid (to avoid being out bid) and do whatever I could to be sure to get the dish. Then she told me I was never allowed to take it anywhere (including to potlucks at work) ever again. She said if we broke it here at home that was fine, but she wasn't going to give me the chance for anyone else to break it. I guess I'll be okay with that (as if I have a choice).

I suppose when you're taking casseroles to work or church or whatever, you should just use those disposable pans that you can buy. But come on! They don't cook things the same way. I've known people who never use anything else for potlucks (etc.), but I've never imagined it would be me using a toss-able pan.

I tried hunting for just the lid, as one of my casseroles doesn't have a lid (Mom broke it years ago). But the lid I found was as expensive as a dish with a lid, so why would I buy that???

Okay, so now I'm bidding on TWO different 'Spice of Life' casserole dishes at eBay. (Marilyn said if I had two, then it would be okay to take one places... heh...) This one only has two and a half hours to go -- and it didn't have any bids.

Would it be crazy to go from none to two? I don't know, but it would make me very happy. If casserole dishes don't make you happy, I probably can't explain. But I bet some of you totally get it. (smile)


Lost Painter Dennis...

My 'lost' painter Dennis phoned me over the weekend and left a bid of $1,028 for the job. This seems high to me, but at this point he has the ONLY bid, so I guess we'll have to see. He phoned today and I spoke to him and told him I was waiting on other bids. He seemed surprised by that (!!!), as if I would only bid with him. Right, Dennis.

Yeah, he did finally make it to our house, hours late. He and the other 'gent' (I can't recall the name right now) were old, smelled like cigarettes (ugh) and seemed a bit clueless. But there was still something likable about them. I don't know, maybe it was their cluelessness. If their bid had been lower, I suspect I'd be considering them. But it's not looking good for them at this point!

Two other guys wanted to come to bid tomorrow, but I'm in the office Tuesday to meet with the Auditors (for the IT part of the audit). I suggested Wednesday to both, but have yet to hear back.

This will be the usual annoying process with anything that involves contractors, I'm sure. Though I must admit the man (and son) who built our deck were AMAZING. And the roofer was the same. And we had a GREAT painter who did both the interior and exterior in the past, but I got him so much work he eventually asked me to STOP having people call him (!!!). He changed his phone number shortly after and that's the last I know about him (it was years ago). He was making so much money in the painting business that he'd bought a brand fancy-assed pickup truck with cash (!!!), and later bought a home...

Oh. In news about people without much hope or money, I heard from cousin Linda today. She and sister Nancy (and Nancy's son Travis) took a trip to Bend, Oregon over the weekend. She's currently living in a shelter and her job is supposedly moving out of Portland soon (they keep changing their minds, however). Anyway, Linda told me all the details about her trip -- sounds like they had fun!

When I told Marilyn mistressmarilyn she said, "Even our homeless cousin takes trips out of town and stays overnight." Yeah, we never go anywhere, really. But that's okay. I love being home, so it's all good.


eBay: CorningWare 'Spice of Life'

eBay. Gotta love it!

So, I'm in a bidding war with someone over the CorningWare 'Spice of Life' casserole dish. The one that has 5 1/2 hours to go, that is. My bid is now $15.50 (up from my last bid of $12.50).

However, I'm bidding TWICE for the CorningWare 'Spice of Life' casserole dish -- and this time I'm winning with no other bidders. My bid on that one is $12.99. I'm guessing that the $24.25 shipping cost drove others away, as it makes the total (at this point) $37.24. It closes in less the twenty minutes, so I'm guessing I'm going to get it.

Yeah, you gotta love eBay...


eBay: CorningWare 'Spice of Life' - Revisited!

I lost the 'bidding war' I was in. Actually, the bid was up to $26.00 (plus another $10 for shipping), so I just let it go.

But I WON the bid on a different dish (same pattern), so I'm still going to get one! So it's all good!

The cost for the other casserole dish (with shipping and insurance) was $37.24 (which I already mentioned HERE), so I couldn't get myself to go higher on that second dish.

Actually, though, I have a bid on yet another dish (a smaller one in the 'Blue Cornflower' design -- I also have a casserole dish from Mom in that pattern). But it has days yet to go, so you never know what will happen...

And I've found several other pieces of the 'Spice of Life' set that have managed to beckon me. (smile) I might end up buying more than one thing. (Who knows?)

I'm surprised at myself, anyway. I can't believe it's taken me all these months to figure out that I actually could replace that dish with the same dish. (Okay, this won't have been Mom's, but oh well. I'll probably forget that over time, anyway... heh...)

I guess with eBay around you can find almost anything.

Have I mentioned recently how much I love the cyber world???


Oh, and in other news, I actually spoke to friend Mitch this evening! (I phoned him earlier after messing around today at Facebook. I saw at Facebook that his niece Gena is in Portland -- down from Alaska -- so I decided to call him.) The last time I talked to Mitch was at the St. Johns Parade, so this is big. He was actually out hitting the tennis ball at Roosevelt (where we all went to high school). One of the things I'd asked in my message was if he'd been watching Wimbledon!