June 11th, 2009

roses box, gift

eNewsletter? That's Right!

Another eNewsletter is done for the 2009 festival.

The header banner turned out GREAT (if I do say so myself) -- as did the colors and layout. And I was sending it out by 3:30 p.m. -- after starting it around 9:30 a.m.

These used to take me two days of work to do -- and the last three have all been turned around same day. I think I might finally be getting the hang of this job! (Joking, joking. After all, I won Gold last year...)

I'll be entering today's effort, along with the three that came directly before it. (They have to be four in a row.) We'll see what happens!

Now I'm officially 'Brain Dead.' Marilyn mistressmarilyn told me this was officially 'Brain Dead Week,' so it's all good.

We had homemade nachos for dinner and are now both ready for naps. So that's where I'm headed!