May 28th, 2009

busy caesar, busy

Another Busy Day -- Surprise!

So what was the really GOOD thing about today? I finally got a start on the parade script! (woo hoo)

This is the latest that's ever happened, I can tell you.

Anyway, I've got each page laid out in order (according to the line-up), and have even started to actually script some portions (!!!). Tomorrow I'll put in some serious scripting, and we'll see what happens.

Plus I need to get some major work done on the next eNewsletter (due out this week). I'd love to get a start on next week's eNewsletter, too, if I can. I don't have the banners started for either one (yikes), but do have an idea or two. We'll see!

I did apply myself today to yet another website 'emergency' (this time it was making a visual calendar of what days Waterfront Village is opened -- and especially the days it's closed). I had to do that for six webpages, which I managed around 5:00 or so. Hopefully we'll quit hearing that this 'isn't up at the website' now. (We have had it up in text format, but I guess it hasn't been clear enough for some...) There's a lot going on with the Home page right now, but whatever. I'll clean that up a bit tomorrow, too, I hope!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I actually broke away mid-day to go get manicures. Our nails were too long to hold up during the hammering they take during the festival, so we needed to have 'fills' to bring them down in length and make them more sturdy. I was resistant, but it wasn't that painful and didn't take that long. (And I'm typing faster because my nails are far shorter than before!) This was probably the last day Marilyn could manage to get away for an errand like this, so I'm glad we worked it in...

She had court judging this evening, so I worked through until she came home. I got a start on the garbage and recycling (which I need to finish when I'm done typing this), along with my festival work.

Reser's Fine Foods is a sponsor (as always), so we've had a lot of their food to eat at work. Plus Jeff has encouraged us to take it home, so I had some amazing spinach and pasta salad for lunch and dinner today!

I also had leftover pizza that we got yesterday -- and some Lay's barbeque potato chips. No. The chips were NOT donated by Lay's, even though they're a sponsor this year. As far as I know, we've had no free product from them. Odd, because when Tim's Chips was a sponsor, we always got a lot of free product! (I'm a big Tim's fan, by the way. I adore their Sea Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips, which I highly recommend you try, if you never have! (We have a couple bags in the house right now, as a matter of fact.)

Marilyn had dinner with the court (duh), then came home and had some pizza. (smile) Pizza is pretty hard to miss out on!

Anyway, I need to finish up the garbage and recycling so we can head to bed. Marilyn has another grueling day tomorrow -- and I need to really power through Copy and graphics here at home!

My other goal is to finally go and buy my new cell phone -- the one I was SUPPOSED to buy last autumn! My current phone is dying, which is pretty inconvenient during the festival, when I need to use it constantly. I think I'll get a Blackberry Storm (but I want to see it in action, having read some interesting reviews about it). The built-in GPS sounds pretty cool, aside from the email aspect...

This is the first time the festival is buying me a phone, so I'm not concerned about the price. I also need to look into the texting package for both Marilyn and me, as we currently use the feature, but don't have a package (meaning it costs a fortune). I'll miss my nice little LG phone, I'm sure (the Blackberry Storm is apparently like carrying a brick around in your pocket), but it's time.

My nightmare last night was that my cell phone DIED and I lost my phone book of all my TONS of phone numbers. That may sound silly, but it would be tragic if it really happened, as I have no backup of those numbers!

Well, time to run. I'd like to get done so I can head to bed...


Cell Phone Update...

So it looks like I'm going to get a Blackberry Curve 8900, rather than the Blackberry Storm I mentioned HERE.

There are several reasons, the main one being that I can get it TODAY (quickly) with my address book ported from my old phone -- which is ESSENTIAL for me. But Richard (at the Verizon store) told me on the phone that if I'd never had a Blackberry before (which I obviously haven't), this is the phone he'd recommend. And keeping in mind some of the negative things I read about the keyboard on the Storm, I think this is probably a good idea...

Well, the BAD news is that my sister Sue suzy_qp is tied up and can't take me to get the phone after all. So I guess I'll be pushing on with what I have, hoping it doesn't DIE entirely in the middle of some festival event.

I was so excited when I realized the Blackberry Curve 8900 was brand new (just released on May 22) and I was going to actually have it. And now I'm so disappointed that I won't.

I guess I'd better get my ass back to work and let it go.

Sometimes life sucks.

But in good news, I did get some kudos for the calendar I created for the website emergency yesterday.

And the weather remains lovely as can be!

Plus in three more days I'll have blogged every day for another month (May), which means I've done it for three months in a row. That's cool!

I can always make lemonade out of lemons, believe me.


Scripting Away (with Lineup Corrections Galore!).

I'm scripting away here, focusing on the Equestrian entries for 2009. I've found quite a few corrections for the parade lineup, which is a good thing as The Oregonian is going to print a re-do.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn has always been VERY PICKY about using exact names for entries in the lineup, which I consider a good thing. That means the lineup is a reliable source for everyone when asked about how to refer to a given entry!

Anyway, it's slow going, but I'm sticking with it!

It's a BEAUTIFUL day here -- sunny with blue skies. I just let the cats out in the back yard so they can enjoy it. (Of course, I've had the back door open for them all morning, too.)

I just did the entry about Wagon Master Dee Douglas (of Merlin, Oregon), an amazing 86-year-old woman who is appearing in this year's parade. (She's riding, not driving the wagon this time around.)

The participation of people like Dee is one of the wonderful parts of what we do, by the way...

With Ashley's help, I finally sent out the photo of James, a guy who was in Pioneer Courthouse Square the day we did the trial run with our D.B. Cooper (and the queen). James asked if we'd take his photo, so I did. Then I gave him my card and told him to email me -- more than one time. What I didn't get was that James doesn't have email! So he ended up phoning the office and leaving a message on my extension with his full name and mailing address. Later he called again to 'check' and see if I was really going to send the photo! I guess he made TV at some point (they were filming the weather outside in square while we were there), because James got dinged by someone (???) for being there hanging out when he was supposed to be looking for work.

Yeah, it's a hard world for many -- but having a picture taken with the queen and D.B. brightened this man's life. And, again, that's such a good part of what we do!

I don't expect to hear back from him when he gets the photo, but I hope it makes him happy. He'd told his friends about it and was excited to share with them...

Back to work!