May 5th, 2009

I write therefor I am

Writer's Group

Yes, I managed to write my story for May.

And, yeah, I get it that people are busy -- but I have a hard time buying that anyone is busier than Marilyn mistressmarilyn or me (three weeks out from the festival), so whatever.

I think it's a shame that people can't even manage to write 500 (new) words, but I guess it's a matter of priorities...

Anyway, I wrote 2,000 words in a couple of hours. Hopefully I caught my errors (or Marilyn did), because I've submitted it. We'll be meeting next Monday night.

The hard part this week will be finding time to read and review, I think. There are so many deadlines right now!

Anyway, it's now 3:00 a.m. and time for bed (we have a VERY EARLY morning tomorrow -- and a late night, too).

busy caesar, busy

Another Busy Day.

This was such a busy day.

We took D.B. Cooper downtown and to the Cinco de Mayo celebration at the Waterfront. In this part of the country locals all immediately know who he is -- it's only those who aren't locals who ask 'Who is that guy?' (I took dozens of photos -- and will do an eBulletin tomorrow featuring him.)

We got our new jackets for 2009 today... (They're red this year.)

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I went to Willamette Writers to hear Laura Whitcomb speak. She was amazing!

I can't wait to buy her book "The Fetch" (and her book on writing).

After that we went grocery shopping, then came home to a late dinner of leftover soup and chicken bun sandwiches.

I'm yawning as I type this, which is amazing considering I'm wired on caffeine. I'm not even sure how many bottles of Crystal Light with caffeine I had today. Plus caffeine tablets. Anyway, it kept me going!

On top of my eBulletin, I have an eNewsletter due out by Friday. I don't think I can also get website work done, but I'll do my best. I was hammered with stuff at work today, let me tell you.

Of course, that's NOTHING to how much work is on Marilyn's plate! With the festival starting a full week earlier than ever, deadlines are rushing closer -- and we've lost one of our main work weekends for preparation!

I know we'll get it all done, I just can't see HOW right now. (grin)

Well, tired tears are running down my cheeks and I just keep yawning, so I guess it's time to think about bed...