May 2nd, 2009

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Day Off? Yes!

Both Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I slept in really late today. Wow, did that feel good!

We had chili for dinner last night -- and again today. Delicious!

There was a 'killer' storm (as reported by the local news) in our area today. With straight line winds and quarter-sized hail, thunder and lightning (I heard the thunder and pouring rain). The killer part was a tree falling on a car and killing someone (as yet unidentified).

Anyway, this was a great day to be snug at home and not go out. We've watched TV, played Zuma and goofed off. Very nice.

We did tune in for the Kentucky Derby -- and what a race! I can't believe Mine That Bird won it! (Wouldn't it have been something to have money on that horse at 50 to 1???)

I do hope Jeff has figured out how the KD took our Environmental Gold award last year -- and how we can get it BACK again. There's no WAY their festival is as GREEN as we are! (I heard that they 'bought' the award, which fascinates me... Not meaning that they bribed anyone or anything like that, but that they threw a lot of money at being 'green.' There's no way we can do that, as our festival has no money for stuff like that... We have to win on RESULTS alone -- which we did for a decade, by the way!)

In other news, Oregon's Swine Flu cases are up to 14 now. We're advised to wash our hands frequently, which Marilyn and I have always done, anyway...

Well, I think we're planning to go to bed early. We're going in to the office tomorrow to work.