April 17th, 2009


The Bulletin Board in Our Office...

The bulletin board (a large cork board that takes up most of one wall) in our home office just came CRASHING DOWN about 45 minutes ago!

It shocked the hell out of me and made a ton of noise. I'd swear I heard glass breaking, but I didn't find anything broken (at least, not YET). Admittedly, my desk is a cluttered mess, so it's hard to see what flew off the board and landed there. And I had the board covered with stuff (I also have one in my bedroom that's not quite as bad), so it's no wonder it fell down!

I've put it up with better nails this time (I took great care in re-hanging it). And I'm putting stuff back that fell off. But what a MESS!

I'm glad I was HOME when it happened, anyway, or I'd probably be blaming the cats. Neither was involved (they were both sitting at the back door looking out at squirrels). This is probably a sign that I need to clean it off again -- and clean off my desk. I've just been so busy that I keep piling on more things... (sigh)

Well, after that weird interruption, back to work! I've got a lot to do.


Another Festival Layoff...

Remember my last ENTRY about festival layoffs from August 2008?

Yeah, we had another one today, Sara. I haven't had a chance to speak to her personally, as I was at home dealing with PILES of IT-related work and website updates. (sigh)

And, yeah, we've all known that no job is secure, considering the current economy.

My prayers are very much with Sara during this difficult time.

And my prayers are with Jeff, too -- I know how hard it is for him to have to lay people off. I know it was hard for Marilyn mistressmarilyn, too. (Frankly, both of them told me so when I spoke to them on the phone...)

It's 9:00 p.m. and Marilyn isn't home yet. When she gets here, we have to go grocery shopping. Honestly, I'm NOT looking forward to it, considering it's been a long, rough day. (My 'break' today was to clean up the mess from my bulletin board falling down... Not a great break, to say the least. I'm actually still working, but decided to take a couple minutes to post this.)

We have Robert's rose planting tomorrow (noon, I think). And a Writing-related thing we're attending after that. I don't know if we'll make it to MusicFest or not (Saturday evening). And I need to spend hours on the current IT project (!!!) Jeff assigned me today.

I need to spend some PERSONAL TIME (???) writing, if I plan to enter the Willamette Writer's Group contest. I certainly HOPE to, but I will need to get my act together over the weekend. My thought of getting to it a little today didn't happen, to say the least.

I just had a stiff drink (not great help for concentrating on coding, but I'm still managing to do it), and I'm yawning a bit. I did get to sleep in this morning, so there's really no excuse for that -- even if it has been a difficult week.

I keep expecting Marilyn to call on her drive home. The fact that she hasn't done so probably means she's still WORKING at the office. I wish she'd come home so we could get this shopping done...

I don't know how much more work I can face today. I should keep at it tonight, because we hope to take Sunday off and go for a drive somewhere. It's supposed to be really sunny and WARM. But this IT stuff must get done, come hell or high water. So...

Back to it!