April 16th, 2009

sigh (wishbone)


This was an INSANE day at the festival office. I need a 'brutal day' icon, but I don't have one. (YET!)

I finished the eNewsletter in the morning (I must have made 30 changes or more) and sent it just past noon.

I had computer Ron in first thing to do IT -- and Kent before noon. Much of my day was spent on IT, some of that while working on the eNewsletter.

Our President from last year wrote this about today's eNewsletter: "These really are outstanding pieces. They are colorful, informative, hip and visually appealing. Makes you want to read them."

That made me feel pretty damn good when I read it!

I was a sweat ball most of the day. I carried computers and monitors and whatever all over. I dropped a tower on my finger and bruised it (and broke my nail). (ouch) At one point Ron, Kent and I were ALL THREE working in the IT Room, which is hot on a good day. Today was warm -- and our body heat added to it. (ugh)

Oh. And Marilyn mistressmarilyn had an equally hard day. (It was parade line-up day, which is a BIG day for her.) And we were both damn hungry when we got home (at 7:30 p.m.) after no meals all day, you'd better believe it.

I'm worn out. And the DUST! My allergies are out of control. In fact, I came upstairs to get meds and head for a much-needed nap. But I figured I'd better blog, or I was likely to miss doing so...

On that note...

Nap time!!!