April 10th, 2009


Too Tired to Post (Good Friday)

I just woke after a nap -- after a both mentally and physically exhausting day. It was all I could do to force myself to get up to post an entry.

I got a TON done. I worked with Ron on IT-related issues, for one thing. Tyler's office (previously Lilia's and previously Jessica's) has been partly emptied and very organized -- and he has a working computer that runs Windows XP (thanks to Ron and Angel's help). I was packing stuff out of there for ages, worked into a total dripping sweat. Angel has a really good computer (again). Mandy's computer went home for the weekend with Ron for additional repair, to come back early Monday morning. Ron was given a basket filled with festival items, a card signed by the Staff and festival business cards. I also worked on a bunch of website coding. I swear it seems like I went backwards after two days of code work. I feel like I should be coding right now, if I weren't so tired...

Sister Sue suzy_qp is off for the weekend to a cribbage tournament, taking with her the folder of Writer's Group stories Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I printed out late last night -- and the card we both wrote in for her. She seemed in a better frame of mind after seeing her doctor for an emergency meeting yesterday (he gave her additional meds).

It's the end of Holy Week, approaching Easter weekend. There's no thought of boiling eggs to color or other seasonal tasks, but I look forward to a potentially restful weekend -- with stories to read and review prior to our Monday night meeting. I don't see how I can avoid at least some work, though. (I feel like I should be coding webpages right now...) Anyway, I'm back to my nap the second I finish this entry. I can hardly keep my eyes open.

For those who celebrate, I hope you have a BLESSED weekend -- Happy Easter! And for all, I hope you have a good weekend -- and time to enjoy yourself in some way.


Damn Inbox. (sigh)

I have more than 100 items in my inbox here at home.

I've been keeping it down to between 20-30 items.

But it's my 'To Do' list -- especially for the website. So right now there's no way to keep it down, no matter how hard I try (or how much I code). Looking at all the flagged items in my inbox makes me want to scream. (sigh)

That's only a slightly exaggerated statement. (smile)

Okay, I just spent 15 minutes messing with my inbox and got it down to 26, so I now feel better. I may have filed a few website items that aren't 100% finished (!!!) yet, but close enough.

I think I can go back to sleep for a bit now...