April 1st, 2009


April Fool? That's Me!


LiveJournal got me with their April Fool's joke for the year about the lj-cut tag...

I was laughing really hard last night night when I read rebelsheart's comment just before heading to bed...

Honestly, when it came to today being the first day of April, I only had a few things on my mind: First, I needed to get my March eNewsletter out before April (!); Second, Marilyn's mistressmarilyn bday is almost here (April 7); Third, did I need to worry at all about Conficker (I have enough IT worries at the office as it is)?

It's been a long time since anyone has even bothered to try to 'fool' me, I guess...

And it was also funny to get all those virtual gift notifications yesterday! (heh)

On that note, work is calling my name...


NaBloPoMo -- March, 2009

Just for the record, I managed to do NaBlo again for the month of March...

Since October of 2008, I've done five months out of six. Not bad, huh?

NaBloPoMo.Com - March 2009

I'm sorry I missed February (sigh), because this would have been half a year of blogging every day, otherwise.

But why dwell on the negative? I'm really pleased I managed to 'get back on the horse' for March!

So... go, me! (grin)