March 7th, 2009


Free Weekend? Well, Not Exactly... (sigh)

Anyone really paying attention might recall I mentioned HERE that Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I were really looking forward to our 'free' weekend this week! We'd had another busy week at the festival, after all -- and it's been busy on the weekends lately, too...

First off, we forgot there was another writer's lecture today. But we decided we'd blow it off, as we'd been to so many recently.

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We needed to drop briefly by the office this afternoon, anyway. While there, we ran into Carol, who reminded us that we hadn't been planning to work this weekend. We assured her we weren't going to and that we'd only be there a few minutes. No biggie.

Then Marilyn glanced over her email and got a reminder from Angel that there's a Clown Corps event tomorrow! It starts at 9:00 a.m. (big sigh) and runs most of the day...

I never got the info in the first place, even though I need to be there to take photos (as is often true). It seems like I just can't get in the loop for the Clown Corps, no matter how hard I try. Anyway, Marilyn and I had always planned to be there for at least part of this -- so we need to make an early night of it so we can be up in time. (Not like last night, where we stayed up all night long.)

I have already done some work today, anyway. And I'll need to spend some time reading over the stories for our Writing Group (!!!) and making my notes, as we get together this coming Monday night. I've read some of them, but haven't started any notes, yet. I'm not counting on having time for it on Monday, as I'll need to clean house and cook to prepare for people coming over.

I really should go to the office to work on Monday, as I have my computer dude coming in to work. I'll need to move stuff around on Tuesday morning so we're not wasting too much time on that when he's there, as there's so much to get done. I've got almost everyone on equipment now, but I'd like to speed some of it up if at all possible. I've got one of our best computers just sitting there after it was crashed -- and it would be terrific to have it up and running again! (I have my fingers crossed on that one.)

I need to update my actual calendar version of our 2009 Communications Calendar. One version is a list-by-column of each thing that needs to be done per week in a given month. The other version is a calendar created using Excel that has a day-by-day listing of the overview of the same things. By looking at both, I can see what things must be done on deadline for our concerted Communications effort. It's a great concept, and proves invaluable to me, at least. That doesn't begin to track all my work, of course (nothing that isn't communications-oriented, meaning none of my normal website changes or IT-related work), but as the communications stuff is a huge focus, it's still a huge help.

Just trying to TRACK my website work seems next to impossible, by the way. Sometimes there are so many things in a day that I never even get them on any list. But whether they're tracked or not, who cares? As long as I get them DONE, that's what matters...

I just got up from a nap to write here, worrying about forgetting it while doing other things.

We had a nice lunch-dinner of homemade nachos and bowls of chili (that were originally going to be chili hotdogs). Probably chili wasn't a great choice considering we have an event tomorrow (!!!), but oh well. We both love it so.

There was SLEET while we were out -- and there's talk of snow both tomorrow (Sunday) and Monday. (sigh) Snow??? Come on now! It's March, people!

I think I'm back for that nap -- then planning to get to bed as early as possible...

It would be nice to find time to read my friends and maybe COMMENT one of these days! In my dreams, I guess.

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Bike Registration in Portland? No, Way!!!

I'm furious to hear they want everyone over 18 to register their bikes every TWO YEARS to the tune of $54! You've got to be kidding me. In what way do bikes hurt the streets (or sidewalks) we ride on? It's not like cars, trucks, etc.

If interested, you can read more about it HERE.

By the way, Representative Wayne Krieger (R-Gold Beach) can kiss my ass. He's the chief architect of House Bill 3008. Yeah, of course he's a Republican. To be fair, of the four representatives named on the bill, one of them is a Democrat. The others are: Representative Sal Esquivel (R-Medford), Representative Bill Garrard (R-Klamath Falls) and Representative Michael Schaufler (D-Happy Valley). And Representative Krieger admits he doesn't ride bikes, no surprise. In fact, he sounds entirely anti-bikes to me from what he said when interviewed.

What this man clearly doesn't GET is that a lot of bike riders have gone to 'alternative transportation' because they CAN'T AFFORD to drive. They can't afford to have a car or to buy the gas! I talk to these people when I'm out biking and I know that many of them have had to turn to bikes as a way to get where they need to go.

Of course, we're also a very GREEN state -- and proud of it. The fact that so many people ride bikes is supposed to be a good thing, so why penalize people for biking?

$54 may not seem like a lot of money to some people, but to many it's one hell of a lot of $$$.

Apparently Representative Krieger also sees this as a way to keep TABS on bike riders, via a license plate. Say what??? He even discussed the fact that bike riders don't have insurance, like drivers. Give me a break!

This man is a menace. But I imagine his fellow Republicans in Gold Beach, Oregon think he's a gem... (We're talking an upscale city where I suspect there's not many poor to worry about.)

I'm all for people paying their way, but let's be fair and reasonable. Of course, this whole thing might be about him getting more attention and press -- and he's certainly getting plenty of that, isn't he? In fact, I've just put his name out there, yet again. (sigh) Let's just say it's a name I don't want to forget.

Let's hope this man is never poor enough to discover $54 is a large sum of money. Or poor enough to be one of those people he clearly hates "...with their butt and elbow into the traffic lane..." as they bike near him.

What goes around comes around, sir. (I hope, anyway!)