January 26th, 2009


Busy Day -- and it Was Cold This Morning!

I had a busy day... And this morning the house was damn cold when I got up!

It dropped to 22° last night, so even after getting the furnace going, it was only 58° in here! (Heck, an hour later it was still only 64°!)

It finally warmed up enough for me to crawl out from under a blanket (I was only there a few minutes, actually), so I could get some things done.

My focus today was on a new book concept I have. I've thought about writing it for several years now, but I've got a very clear idea now of how I want to start, so I'm going to try to get up and running on it this week. It's going to require setting up a new website (with email), an eNewsletter, a blog (here at LJ, I think), a related facebook group, a Yahoo! group and probably a MySpace account, too -- so you can see there's some serious WORK involved. More about it as I proceed...

The lecture on Sunday was pretty bad. I'm afraid the woman giving the lecture just wasn't good. She was there to sell her book -- and I get that. But she should have started off by saying exactly that, because her audience would have understood -- and it would have made for a better lecture.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn said the woman should let her teach her about doing a public presentation -- and that's no lie! If she'd touched her hair one more time, I think we would have both screamed. Pin your hair back and leave it alone, will you???

Quite different from hearing Eric Witchey, who was so wonderful! And she talked for more than 90 minutes. I don't know how many times I looked at my watch.. (sigh)

Still, I took away some ideas that had little to do with her -- proving that the time was still well spent! Actually, any time spent with Marilyn and Angel doing our 'writing thing,' is time well spent!

I did very little festival work today (!!!), did a load of dishes and cleaned up the kitchen and actually COOKED (a chicken and rice casserole and pot of curry noodles). I feed the hummingbirds, the birds, the squirrels, the cats, sister Sue and niece Candy and us! Then after dinner I fed (watered) the plants. I was in a feeding frenzy today, obviously! (grin)

We watched "Jeopardy" and some Australian Open tennis action -- and I might catch some more. I did have a nap, but woke up and knew I needed to blog! I think I'll head back for some more zzzzs, though. (smile)

I was planning to try and go to work (the festival office) tomorrow, but changed my mind. I'm still 100% over my cold, so what the hell. I just need to get in and set up the new Intern (who starts next Monday). If it comes down to it, we could always go in over the weekend and I could do that. Marilyn needs to work on setting up her office (which didn't happen over Christmas because of the damn snow), so that would actually be a good thing...