January 19th, 2009


Neskowin, Oregon

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I made it to Neskowin, Oregon (near Lincoln City, Oregon) today, for the first time ever in our lives. (We have some cool photos to share and a couple of rocks we picked up for our rock garden, too.)

But we didn't end up seeing the 'ghost trees' Rich had mentioned up close, though. To get there, we would have needed to wade a pretty wide (and apparently somewhat deep) water area to ge to the part of the beach we needed to be on. Seriously, there was NO WAY to get over there, otherwise. There were two road access places, but both were PRIVATE PROPERTY for 'members only.' Then it was a hike down the beach to the proper spot. We could just barely see them from where we were. (We found out how to get close to them from one of the most UNFRIENDLY shopkeepers in the world, while buying something in his store. He was pretty damn reluctant to share what he did, by the way!)

Here's what the ghost trees look like:

Neskowin ghost trees - 1
Neskowin ghost trees (1)

Neskowin ghost trees - 1
Neskowin ghost trees (2)

Neskowin ghost trees - 1
Neskowin ghost trees (3)

Neskowin beach - 1
Newkowin beach (1)

Neskowin beach - 2
Newkowin beach (2)
(Yes, that's Marilyn.)

Neskowin beach - 3
Newkowin beach (3)
(You can see Marilyn, again.)

Neskowin beach - 4
Here's one of the two rocks we brought
back from Neskowin beach. (The flecks of
white seem to be crystal embedded in
the rock.) Won't it look nice in our
rock garden?

Yes, we had a lovely drive. Blue skies with the sun pouring in the windows to warm us!

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