January 4th, 2009

frightful weather

Snow. Yes, Again!!!

I'm so sick of hearing these words: "It's snowing."

I know there are tons of you who would LOVE to have this snow, so please, please, please -- feel free to take ours! (smile)

Again, I had to take photos to prove it -- if only to ME at some point in the future. Because I can barely make myself believe it right now! (heh)

January 4, 2009 - snow in Portland
The snow falling -- as shot from our front porch.

January 4, 2009 - snow in Portland
Again from the front porch, showing the house across the street.

Okay, okay. So far it's not all that much snow, but it's still coming down. (sigh) And when I talked to my friend June, she advised us against going out (as we had been planning to do), because it's ice under it. Mind you, June and Jim go out in almost ALL weather, so when she says stay home, it's time to stay home!

We had homemade squash soup and 'bun sandwiches' (with lots of light mayo and white chicken) for dinner. Yummy! For some reason, we've been eating a lot of chicken lately. And this is the second time recently that we've had homemade soup.

Our Virtual Villagers 3 folks keep on having babies and growing up -- and growing old. Then they die, which is so hard. All our original people (seven of them) are now dead. We just had the game on briefly and the whole village was taking flowers over to the cemetery -- it was very sweet! We've solved all the puzzles and so on, but they just keep on doing their thing...

Marilyn's been writing like mad today. And I've been actually doing some graphics and making a few icons.

It's hard to believe that it's time to go back to work tomorrow!

We're getting our Writing Circle up and running again. The first get-together is slated for next Monday night (a week from tomorrow), here at our house. It's still a small group, but we've got new people involved and it should be interesting! We're doing a drabble assignment this time around, partly because we figure anybody should be able to manage 100 words in a week! So we'll see what happens. One of the interesting things is that sister Sue has agreed to take part. What a surprise! I need to work on the assignment myself at some point... (smile)

Oh! And I had the London Fog Tazo Tea Latte for the first time today (one of Starbuck's new TeaTime teas) and it was quite good.