December 30th, 2008


We've Had a Death... (Rachel, We'll Miss You!)

We got up this morning to check on our Virtual Villagers (I also refer to it as VV3 -- Virtual Villagers game site), and our Chief, Rachel, had died!

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Marilyn is off soon to meet with our friend Angel (they're going to our local Starbucks, I guess). Angel has a finished book he's trying to get published, so they meet to discuss their writing work. They try to get together weekly, but recent events mean that they've missed the past three weeks.

I guess when sister Sue is done getting her hair colored (and her hairdresser), she and I will go and join Marilyn and Angel. That will be nice! We both know Angel very well, too, so all of us are friends.

I wonder when we'll have a chance to get together with our friend Jessica pb_n_jam? We have a (small) Christmas present for her. Plus it's been some time since we got together!

I wonder when we'll have a chance to get together with our friend Shari? We never did see her during the holidays last year, so it would be nice if we could find the time soon. And we haven't seen our friend Mitch in ages, either.

I need to phone Jodi. I'm assuming her group didn't get to sing at The Grotto's Christmas Festival of Lights (they were supposed to appear on Monday, December 22 at 9:00 p.m. -- but the bad weather meant constant cancellations this year). Marilyn and I had hoped to see her perform there, like we did last year. I miss Jodi now that she's not working at the festival any more, and we haven't gotten together even once since she left. (sigh)

Our friends (including our online friends) are a part of our extended family. We don't have much actual family anymore -- and it's nice to keep growing our family with our friends. (smile) We've both always been strong believers in the extended family, anyway -- even when we were young. Anyway, it's good to keep in touch with our close friends when we can!

Marilyn really likes her new bedding set -- and our cat Henry LOVES it.

We're thinking of buying portable Hard Drives from Iomega while they're on sale. We'd like to start keeping our images on them. I really like Iomega, so I think they're a good bet for this sort of thing...

rosie robot, cleaning

Marilyn ROCKS -- She's Still Cleaning Away!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn amazes me!

After we did some cleaning (late) last night, she was back at it again today! So while I napped and fixed dinner, she cleaned in her walk-in closet (dressing room) AND in the family room! Pretty impressive to me...

I've been so bad about CLEANING during 2008. Actually, one of my big GOALS for 2009 is to get much (much) better about it! I want things to be orderly, less cluttered and just way more clean, period. It helps both our sanity and our health when we're not dealing with where to put things (and find them!) and not breathing the dust (etc.).

(And I won't even mention the laundry, my plants, and lots of other home-related work...)

Sister Sue got her hair colored (and trimmed) today -- and it took more than TWO HOURS (!!!). After she was done, she swung by to get me and we joined Marilyn and Angel at the St. Johns Starbucks. I took all my recent gift cards and put them on my custom card. So I'm good for Starbucks for a while now, anyway. (smile)

It was fun chatting -- and we're getting ready to start up our Writing Circle again (woo hoo), with the two of us and Angel. I think Jodi has been interested -- so I plan to ask her, too. I don't know who else we'll include, but it's great to get back to it. We're planning to meet (at our house, as always) in two weeks from now. I really can't wait!

We hope to go see "Valkyrie" soon. I've always been something of a WWII buff (I've read so much about it over the years), so I'm excited to see it. We'd talked about doing that today, but just didn't get the time.

Well, it's time for "Frasier," so I'll close for today. I can't believe it's almost New Year's Eve! What a year...