December 28th, 2008

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Computer Maintenance Utility

GiveAwayOfTheDay for December 28, 2008: WinUtilities

A Review of the Application:

The Good
* Has almost every tool in the book needed to clean/maintain your computer
* Almost no learning curve
* Automatically Creates system backups before doing any changes to registry.
* Has an option to recover deleted files and to ’securely’ delete files.
* Has a ‘1-click’ system maintenance option.
* You can schedule times when maintenance will run automatically.
* Vista compatible
* EXE file password protection feature.

The Bad
* No defrag tool.
* Uninstaller does not scan registry/computer for left over files.
* Duplicate File scanner does not discriminate between important files and useless files.

Free Alternatives:
Tuneup Utilities 2007
Glary Utility
Ashampoo WinOptimizer 4
Advanced SystemCare Free
(For a limited time, you can get 6 months Pro license for free at

PMnet Verdict: WinUtilties is an excellent program. I have been using it since I got it in October and it has been very reliable. Not to mention the automatic backups of registry and other files gives you piece of mind if anything ever goes wrong. However, with so many free alternatives to do this same task, I would recommend the following: For one single computer optimization/management program, I would say go Advanced SystemCare (get Pro while you can then switch to Free once Pro license is over). As I mentioned in the Premium Booster review, Advanced SystemCare is the most resource intensive out of all the alternatives listed above, but it is an excellent tool in terms of computer management - especially the fact that it has automatic scheduled cleaning of your computer almost every day. After Advanced SystemCare, I would rank the other programs in this order: CCleaner/WinUtilities/Tuneup Utilities 07, then Ashampoo/Glary. However, I still recommend downloading WinUtilities because of the ‘extras’ it has such as EXE password protection that Advanced SystemCare does not have. Lastly, regardless of what system optimization program you decide to use, you should definitely download RevoUninstaller to help you completely uninstall all your programs.

Full Review:

I'll probably skip this application -- but it's great to have the info on all those free alternatives!
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So Much GOOD News Today!

Good News!

No, we didn't get our battery charged (/probably replaced) today, but we are in the queue to have our car serviced. (And considering what's been going on, that's clearly a big deal. They aren't even giving an ETA because of the back log. Interesting.) So that's a good thing!

Sister Sue came and drove us to have Starbucks (Marilyn mistressmarilyn paid), so that was another good thing! We haven't been out in more than a week, so we had cabin fever big, bad time. (Starbucks, I love you.)

I found the missing 'ice skating mice' that go to my Christmas music box my mom gave me years ago. When Henry saw them spinning around on the 'ice' (mirror), he knocked them down and played with them. Next thing we knew, he'd 'lost' them. But they're now found. This may seem small, but I love that music box and would have been very sad if we'd never found the mice.

Our Virtual Villagers 3 game is coming along nicely. We have over 20 villagers now. (Very fun.)

I suddenly discovered today that I can change my computer wallpaper again, thankfully. For the last couple months I've had an issue and was unable to do it -- and it was very annoying. Again, it's a small thing, I suppose, but I get very tired of looking at the same wallpaper after several weeks... (And I was stuck with one that was half-done, because I'd been working on a new wallpaper when the problem came up.)

Sue's coming over at 6:00 p.m. and we're going to order Chinese food and have the dinner we normally have for Christmas Eve. We're all looking forward to it a ton!

Sue hasn't even been over to see our Christmas tree or anything, as nobody was able to drive for around two weeks over the holidays. I can't say how much I've been craving Chinese food recently, so the food should be good.

I'm feeling okay/better today. Last night I wasn't feeling all that well. I barely had anything to eat yesterday, and then I threw up last night (which meant I threw up bile, I'm afraid). So I was worried I was getting the flu (again), which would have been A BAD THING. (smile) I'm not 100%, but I'll take it!

The snow is almost entirely GONE. (woo hoo) So when our car is fixed, we'll be able to get out again! I can't wait. We want to get (very much needed) manicures tomorrow and go grocery shopping. And I wouldn't mind checking out some of those after-Christmas (end-of-year) sales, either.

I guess that covers it for now! There's over an hour until Sue gets here, so I might even do some dishes (shock) while I'm waiting.

Color me very HAPPY!!!