December 26th, 2008

snowing snowglobe, winter snowglobe

Happy Boxing Day!

Happy Boxing Day, all.

We spent a quiet day, playing our new game (which was our Christmas gift to each other -- downloaded from MSN Games) "Virtual Villagers 3" and sleeping. (A lot of sleeping, considering we stayed up ALL NIGHT LONG playing VV3...)

Marilyn mistressmarilyn thankfully remembered I hadn't done the garbage and recycling for the week (a day late because of Christmas) -- so we were both racing around at 6:30 a.m. to get it done. Thanks for ALL your help, Marilyn! I couldn't have faced it without you!

It was rough going, with the snow and cold outside. We are seriously NOT prepared in Portland for dealing with snow. Enough said. I got the (damn) roller carts down to the curb and up on the snow for the recycling -- putting the actual (heavy) garbage can in the thankfully plowed driveway!

Then I threw together a couple plates of cookies/goodies for the garbage and recycling dudes (I usually do a nice job of this, but what can I say?) and got those out there, too.

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Anyway, there are no gifts under either of our trees -- the old one is down in the family room and the new one (!!!) is in the living room -- but I don't feel bad about that. There's more room for our cats Colin and Henry to lie under them. (smile) Which they do constantly, it seems.

Of course, I'm delighted for my friends (in RL and online) who got wonderful presents (a few, or many) -- because I wish the very best for all of you (in both material and non-material ways). And I wouldn't be honest if I didn't say there had been a gift or two mentioned that I wouldn't mind having (tiny bit of envy), even though I'm not feeling at all bad about not getting those things.

All that aside (grin), we're up and playing our game and eating really late (what's new?) and having a fabulous time.

The recycling was taken -- though for the SECOND WEEK IN A ROW they didn't take our glass (!!!), so I guess I'll have to phone and find out why. The garbage didn't go, though. They're really behind, so it may not go FOR ANOTHER WEEK now. (sigh) I suppose I'll have to figure out where to put the can that will still leave room for us to put big bags for this week of garbage. I hate it when garbage isn't taken and piles up. (big sigh) The cookies are all gone (???), so I'm wondering if the recycling guy took both plates and will give the one to the garbage guy (???). Hard to know -- we have so little contact with them, considering they never seem to come at the same time two weeks in a row.

I have a cat on my lap (Colin) who is just purring away like mad! He is not normally a 'lap cat,' so this is a bit of a surprise! (He's been very affectionate in recent months, though. So you just never know...)

Damn, it's windy out! Please (please, please) don't let us lose a tree (or our power). Quick prayer to that effect. We're sick of the weather around here. It really has made it hard, even though we've been happy enough. I do hope we can GET OUT OF HERE tomorrow or Sunday. (I'd have loved to hit some of the sales today -- but I suspect there will be a TON anyway, with few people in Portland able to shop these past two weeks!)

I have more photos to share (of course) at some point, but I'm too lazy to do any now. I need to tell about my neighbors Janet and Doug in the next entry...

Happy Boxing Day!!!