December 24th, 2008


Friend Shari's Birthday!

Today (well, Tuesday, December 23) is our friend (Marilyn's mistressmarilyn and mine, that is) Shari's birthday. (She's 51 now.)

She lives in Milwaukie (yes, that's the spelling here in Oregon), which is quite a distance from where we are. That means it's often hard for the three of us to get together, I'm afraid...

Anyway, we both spoke to her by phone and had a nice visit.

During Marilyn's conversation with her, it came up that she'd like to have an iPod someday. After Marilyn got off the phone, she mentioned it and suggested we get her one -- so we phoned her back and told her (afraid she might go out and buy one herself).

I also made her a 'birthday greeting' web page and linked her to it. (And linked her to Marilyn's new website -- and the iPod Nano Chromatic page, so she could pick a color.)

iPod Nano Chromatic - pink
Here's what the pink iPod Nano Chromatic looks like.
I love all the new colors -- and think it's cool
they've gone back to the long, skinny version!

Shari is alone in her house except for her cat -- and has very little family left. We've been close friends since she was in college with Marilyn. It's a shame she doesn't live closer.

We don't know when we'll be able to get out to shop -- or when we can get together with Shari again -- but we're excited about the present. We think she'll really enjoy it. (We both love our own iPods!)

Speaking of iPods, Marilyn took a bunch of our Christmas CDs and put them on our iPods today!

We walked all the way down to the local Rite-Aid and back. It was exhausting, as very little of the sidewalks are shoveled, and the snow is quite deep. It was FASCINATING to see how many people were out walking -- you just don't see the sidewalks full of people like this, ever! I guess everybody has cabin fever and is dying to get out. We picked up Marilyn's pills and realized that we could probably get Chinese food from the restaurant that's close by Rite-Aid, if they're open tomorrow (well, it's around 3:00 a.m., so today). Our family tradition forever is to have Chinese food on Christmas Eve -- but there's no way we can get to the usual restaurant with the current weather conditions. Anyway, we walked down there today, so we could do it again -- if we didn't get too many items to lug home!

While walking today, we used my iPod bag to play Marilyn's iPod. We were listening to "The Muppet Christmas Carol" soundtrack. Fun, fun! We've certainly enjoyed our iPods a ton, I have to say...

We had yet more snow fall today (!!!) and are supposed to get even more. (sigh) Boy, are we sick of it!

Marilyn took more amazing photos today while out feeding birds and squirrels, so I need to share some soon. She got great shots of the holes the woodpecker has put in that front tree, too! (yikes) One squirrel just stayed right on the tree while she was outside, which they never do. These aren't tame squirrels, so that's very unusual.
3 sisters elf-ing around, elf 3 sisters

Our Neighbor Cleans our Front Sidewalk and Driveway!

Today I got a phone call from my friend and neighbor, June. She told me that our neighbor Chuck wanted to know if it was 'okay' for him to shovel our front sidewalk.

To be honest, I felt bad to have him go to all that work, so I was really reluctant. But June told me he had 'his tractor out,' and was ready and willing. June (and her husband Jim) live on our right side, just beyond the alley. Chuck (and his wife and son) live on the other side of June and Jim. Chuck's in the yard business, so I guess that's why he has his own tractor!

Here are some photos of Chuck clearing off our sidewalk. He also plowed our driveway -- even though we're no where near ready to try taking the car out. (Our street is pretty bad still. And according to June who was out today, many of the main streets around here are still bad, too.)

Photo share!

Tractor clears our walk
Here comes Chuck, heading from the front of June and Jim's
house over to our house!

Tractor clears our walk

Tractor clears our walk

Tractor clears our walk
Here you can see Jim standing in the street in front of our house,
taking a picture of Chuck and the tractor.

Jim takes a photo of the tractor in front of our house
And here I took a photo of Jim, while he was shooting Chuck!

By the way, Jim took a photo of ME, taking a photo of him! (heh)

Yes, we DO have wonderful neighbors!

Okay, I haven't used the 'thankful' (thanks) theme as much as I might have this month -- because I've got such a long, LONG list of things I'm thankful for, all year long.

The NaBloPoMo theme for December is THANKS, so each day this month I'll try to include something I'm thankful for -- or an example of the word 'thanks.'

I'm thankful for:

Our wonderful neighbors!

We've been truly blessed to live in a warm and friendly neighborhood, where we know our neighbors and they know us. How special is that in this day and age?

I've always called this the 'Leave it to Beaver' neighborhood, and I still feel that way. Marilyn and I have good neighbors -- and we try hard to be good neighbors in return.