December 23rd, 2008

frightful weather

Historical Snow in Portland

Marilyn mistressmarilyn has been working on websites for some time now, while I've been going through photos and playing around online. We're managing not to go stir crazy with all this crazy winter weather, anyway!

We've had other rough winters in Portland, Oregon -- believe it or not! (smile)

Back in 1949 and 1950, Portland residents had two back-to-back bad winters that shattered cold and snowfall records.

The average daily low in January 1949 was 21 degrees -- and in January 1950 the average low was 21.2 degrees. In winter 1950 the temperature fell below zero twice: On January 31 (2° below zero) and on February 2 (3° below zero). There were numerous cold days and an entire month when Portland was under a foot deep blanket of snow.

From the '1950 Annual Climatological Summary,' written by E.S. Ellison: "Temeratures over the entire State were far below normal, and precipitation was much above. The major portion of this precipitation fell in the form of snow and sleet even in the western division (eg. Willamette Valley). In Portland a total of 32.9 inches of snow fell during the month (41 inches at the Airport). Severe blizzard conditions on the 13th and a heavy sleet and ice storm on the 18th-19th together caused several hundred thousand dollars worth of damage and virtually halted traffic for two or three days over widespread areas, particularly in western Oregon." From 'The Oregon Weather Book' by George Taylor: "All highways west of the Cascades and through the Columbia River Gorge were closed due to large snow drifts."

Portland, Oregon - winter 1949 or 1950
I was going through some old family photos
and came across this picture of the house we
lived in when I was born. This photo pre-dates
when I (and later Marilyn) joined the family,
however! I'm guessing this was from either
1949 or '50, going by the info I shared above.
Let's just say it wasn't common for us to ever
have this much snow!

I have some more hummingbird photos to share that I took today -- and some good ones of Colin watching birds and checking out our Christmas tree. (smile) I'll try to post those soon...