December 13th, 2008

snowing snowglobe, winter snowglobe

Lazy Day...

I think we're still making up for lost sleep in November, due to illness and participation with NaNoWriMo...

Anyway, we slept yesterday afternoon after getting home. And Marilyn mistressmarilyn decided not to go to her hair appointment today after all. So I suspect she'll soon be napping -- and I might do that shortly, too. Why not? It's Saturday, and we have nothing we need to get done today.

On Thursday while winterizing the house, I had several items fall down on me in the garage, including a steel gas can that used to belong to Grandpa Ed. It's large and very heavy, and it smashed into my hand. One of my fingernails was shattered, and broke off well below the quick. I can't tell you how bad it still hurts. (ouch)

We did go shopping last night so I could find my present for the Gift Exchange at work. Marilyn already had her present. I ended up getting a rice maker, which looks really nice. Our limit was only $15.00 -- and it's pretty hard to find something decent for that small amount of money. (sigh) Thankfully a lot of things are on sale right now!

We had to go to three stores before I found something -- and happily Marilyn located the egg cooker she's been wanting forever and a day. They never seem to have it in stores normally, so we're guessing they brought it out for holiday sales.

We're enjoying our family room tree, even though we haven't decorated it yet. It's still pretty, even with nothing but the lights. (smile)

We're having quite a time keeping Henry off the tree! I've had to spray him several times, I'm afraid. He climbs it and chews on it, including chewing the lights. He needs to stop that, as it's dangerous. We're working with him. (sigh)