December 12th, 2008


Wednesday at Work (Bday, Again!)

I got a lot of work done on Wednesday (December 10), thankfully. Maybe not everything I planned, but that's how it goes...

I did get Lauren's computer set up for Remote Access (mostly making sure she was all set up and added to some mailing groups).

And I spent quite some time signing Christmas cards. We have around 1,400 of them to sign, and I figure I got through about half of them. I'd hoped to get through them all, but the best laid plans... (sigh)

Happily, I can work on them tomorrow morning. (I guess I should say TODAY, as it's past midnight now. Going on 2:00 a.m., actually!) I should be able to put in at least an hour on finishing -- or more, if necessary.

By the way, it's interesting signing so many cards, for those who have never done it! This is actually my first time, believe it or not.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I actually ordered cards this year, too, but I haven't had time to touch them. We didn't get a lot, but enough to use for our neighbors, service people and the Staff at work, anyway.

I also (finally) got my hair cut -- and Dorine (my hairdresser) gave me a Christmas present this year. (She'd already sent me a card on bday.)

Plus we officially celebrated my birthday in the office. I'd asked for a meat and cheese tray, so that's what we had -- and I think it was pretty popular with everyone. It was a nice gathering, in the conference room, with everyone taking a break to sing to me -- and then chatting and visiting.

I had to deal with an 'emergency' issue for the website (totally not planned for), that took over an hour. (sigh) I don't like working on it when I'm in the office, because I can do the festival website here at home -- and there are many tasks I can only do while there at the office. But that's how it usually goes, I'm afraid.

Anyway, I did get a lot done Wednesday, just like I got a lot done today (Thursday, I mean) here at home. Hopefully I'll get more CLEANING done tomorrow, so we can do more decorating inside for Christmas.

Today I put up our old tree in the family room -- and even with no decos it looks lovely when lit up!

Tomorrow we get a half-day off -- which is very cool! We hope to go get our manicures done, which we need really (really) bad.

Speaking of, I had several items fall down on me out in the garage today. One thing shattered my ring finger fingernail on my left hand (smashed into my hand and hurt several fingers, actually), and BOY does that hurt! (ouch) It's throbbing as I type this...

Well, it's time for bed. But I'll share a couple quick photos!

Henry Tudor Cat in basket - 2008
Here's Henry Tudor Cat lying in the Autumn
basket in our kitchen. Isn't he adorable?
We have that basket out as a decoration for
autumn/Thanksgiving -- and I just packed it
away this week.

Colin Kitty in kitchen
Here's Colin Kitty in the kitchen, too.
You can see he's near Henry's food dishes.
(smile) Actually, like most cats, he's just
making it difficult for me to get a photo.
But I didn't want him to be left out...

I took those photos in November. I'm just finally getting around to downloading them off my camera and thought I'd share.
green star

Good Morning!

It's 7:00 a.m. here. I'm ready to head to work!

The NaBloPoMo theme for December is THANKS, so each day this month I'll try to include something I'm thankful for -- or an example of the word 'thanks.'

I'm thankful for:

The holidays. I love the bustle, I'm enjoying the crowds this year. I love all the decorations everywhere. I like how happy and/or mellow everyone seems to be. It's a great time of year!!!
love to code

Freelance Website Work? Maybe.

This isn't the first time (by a long shot) it's happened. It seems like I'm constantly having people asking if I'll work on a website for them.

So it just happened again -- and I actually agreed to do it this time.

It looks like easy work, frankly, so I don't think it's going to be any big hassle. I should take a look at the code before I commit, but what the hell...

I'll fit it in around my normal work, I'm sure. (smile)

snowing snowglobe, winter snowglobe

Done Signing Cards!!!

Yes, I'm (finally) done signing ALL the Christmas cards here at work!!!

It's close to noon, and I'm hopeful Marilyn mistressmarilyn will be ready close to on time. She always has a lot to do, so we'll see.

Yes, we get a half day off today!

While working on cards, I actually was listening to music online -- something I normally don't do, because it uses up computer resources, which I can never afford to lose. But I'm barely using my computer today (obviously), so I wanted some Christmas music to listen to while signing!

Paul recommended:

Angel recommended:
(You can register there for free.)

I need to put some of our (many, many) CDs on my iPods, but haven't gotten around to it, yet. I'd hoped to do that yesterday, but...