December 11th, 2008

star, gold star

Britney Spears in Concert Next April!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn just booked our hotel (at the MGM Grand, which we love) and bought our tickets for the Britney Spears concert next April 25, 2009 in Las Vegas!

(We've seen her once before in Vegas and once here in Portland.)

It will be a 'quick' trip -- we'll leave on Friday and return on Sunday. But we've done that before and enjoyed it a ton, so no worries! In fact, our room is some fancy suite (with a private entrance, like we had years ago), so I imagine we'll have a blast. (smile)

We haven't been to Vegas since April 2007, so we're excited about it. (We were supposed to go this past October for Carol's bday, but simply couldn't afford to go. But now we've got months to save up, so hopefully we'll be good this time.)

We did get the concert ticket insurance. We've blown off other concerts at the last minute, so it's totally worth it (and wasn't that expensive).

I think I'll save my entry about today until tomorrow. It's now 1:00 p.m. and I think we're totally ready to head to bed.

We're expecting really COLD weather -- and possibly some snow -- as soon as this Friday. So I've got a busy day tomorrow, trying to weather-proof the family room windows and do something about the outdoor plants, if I have time. I need to make sure the spigots are covered and all of that, as they're saying we might get RECORD LOW temperatures for several days running. (sigh)

Frankly, I could pass on the terribly cold weather. I've been enjoying the fact that it's pretty mild -- and we still have flowers in bloom in the yard, including impatients, which aren't hardy flowers in cold weather... (And our begonias are gorgeous, still, I kid you not.) The only flowers that have 'gone' are the hostas -- and I hope they'll recover next year. (The variegated hosta never did come on decently this year... sigh...)

Well, I need to get to bed. It was a long and tiring day -- and I'm facing another of the same. But I'm excited to decorate for Christmas this weekend!

brr, cold

Winterized (Partly, Anyway) -- What I WANT to Be Doing...

As we face below freezing temperatures here -- something that just doesn't normally happen in Portland, by the way -- I've spent a good part of the day WINTERIZING around here.

That mean figuring some way to protect (to some degree) the family room windows. Marilyn's mistressmarilyn sofa (where she often sleeps) is directly below them, so I needed to do something to try and warm things up.

In past years, I've put things on both the outside and inside of the windows. I've tried some things outside (I hope they work okay), and need to add to what little I've done inside. (This wasn't a day to focus on inside the house, mind you. The spigots (outdoor faucets for hoses) are covered, which was one of the most important things to get done -- we certainly don't want to be dealing with frozen pipes! (Which was a constant problem in Mom and Dad's old house, built just after the Civil War and insulated for shit. One year we were dealing with frozen pipes and a flooding basement on Christmas day -- in the area where we had a dirt floor, too.)

I put up a few (very few) Christmas lights in the front of the house. A string along the brick 'line,' some strings on the bushes (going for a 'snowy' effect) and then I put up our outdoor light-up tree. All white lights and pretty -- but nothing fancy. I also put up the large red berry wreath on our front door.

Outdoor Christmas decos
Here's our outside lights. You really can't
make out the wreath too well here -- but you
can see the full moon over the house!

Christmas lights
Here's a close up of the lights...

Christmas wreath
Here's a close up of the wreath.

More later -- Marilyn's home and we're both starved, so it's time to eat!