December 9th, 2008

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I Have a Headache...

I have a headache.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn has already gone to work. Well, not to the office, but to the location where Executive Committee meetings are held. (In fact, that's why I'm not at work. If the meetings were held in the office, I'd just go in with her. But because they aren't, it makes it a big can of worms for me to go to work on these days...)

I'm sitting here checking out my blog and waiting for the house to warm up, which it's doing quite rapidly. (Our furnace works really well, for the record.)

I have an 'angry' entry I want to blog, left over from yesterday. I decided to wait to post it until I wasn't quite as furious as I was when I first tried to blog about it.

I need to pull myself together, as Marilyn's coming back for me around 9:30 (it's currently 8:00 a.m.) to take me in for Staff meeting. (We are doing my bday officially today during the meeting...)

I need to get Lauren's computer set up for her to Remote Access today. And sign festival Christmas cards. And maybe even start on the next eNewsletter (I have two going out this month.) Busy, busy, busy.

Last night was fun. We ran to the store late to get candy (smile) and other 'goodies' -- and sat around playing Zuma and watching TV. No, we didn't get our manicures done. No, we didn't get a new tree. Marilyn felt we should avoid manicures while I'm dealing with all this infection in my body (sigh). And we just didn't get around to going shopping for the Christmas tree...

After the writing of November, I guess we're in a mood to goof off a bit!

I suppose I should get out of my nightclothes and get dressed for work now...

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No Office Today for Me...

I've started doing some cleaning around here. I did the carpet on the stairs leading down to the family room. And cleaned off the rug that's on the landing (near the door to the garage). I (finally) took down the few pumpkins left out for autumn/Thanksgiving (those we keep out after Halloween each year) -- and I need to clean everywhere to prepare to decorate for Christmas!

I had to clean out the utility room sink, which was standing full of water. At least it didn't overflow! I snaked it myself some time back, but I'm probably not that good at it. Still, I don't want to spend the $$$ on a plumber, unless we can't avoid it. So I try to keep on top of this when we do laundry. I did a load this morning (after the sink cleared), and would like to do more today...

I loaded the dishwasher and did dishes, cleaned off the stove and have just generally been cleaning up around here.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn called after her meeting, and we decided that I'd stay home today. It's such a hassle for her to come all the way back home to get me. Several people are out (including Rich and Carol), so what's the POINT, anyway? I have to go in tomorrow (I have a hair appointment in the afternoon -- and my shop is just across the street from work), so the work I have slated for in the office will get done a day late.

I wanted to stay home and do some cleaning here, anyway. There's a lot to do around here. It would be nice to work on that now and then. (grin) And as I mentioned, I've already got a start!

Rich injured his back over the weekend, so he's laid up. (And he told Marilyn that his cat is dying. I feel so sad for him! That's very hard.)

Here's an amusing note: I got it too warm in here. When I'm cleaning, I prefer the house be less warm, because I work up a good sweat as it is. And now that I'm constantly running a fever (from this damn infection), it's even worse. So I've turned down the heat and have the back door standing open, letting in air! Funny, huh? This morning it was so cold I was sneezing and sneezing, but now I'm in a sweat and soaking wet. It figures.

Aside from housework, I think I'll get started on those eNewsletters, too...

Now I'm thinking coffee. I'm off to brew a pot!