December 8th, 2008


Article: Obama Says He Won't Be Smoking in White House

Obama Says He Won't Be Smoking in White House

I don't know how I missed that President-elect Obama is a smoker... (sigh)

I certainly hope he does plan to QUIT.

I'm disturbed that he seems to be trying to 'duck' the issue (meaning he's lying about it -- !!!), because this could quickly become an question of honesty, as well as concern that he's continuing with a very bad habit (and one I've always hated, personally).

Apparently he's smoked for more than two decades.

Look, we all have bad habits. But as our future President, he has a chance to be a wonderful example to others. Plus we clearly want someone who is healthy in the White House. (And we don't want to think about his second-hand smoke around his family...)

According to the above article:

Website CigarAficionado.Com says Gerald Ford, who served from 1974-77, was the last U.S. president to use tobacco on a regular basis. The White House no-smoking rule was imposed by former First Lady Hillary Clinton, now Obama's nominee for secretary of state.

Rock on, Hillary. (smile)

car wreck

Candy Was in an Accident Yesterday...

My niece Candy (sister Sue's daughter) was the victim of a hit and run driver yesterday, while on her way to pick up her daughter Nicole. The driver hit another car and drove it into the path of Candy's car, forcing her to hit it. Her air bags deployed and she was thrown around pretty bad. (She already has a bad back, by the way.) The police -- well, sheriff -- came and told her and the driver of the other car that neither one of them was to blame in any way, but it was unlikely they'd ever locate the hit and run driver, unless the person turned himself in. Candy spent two and a half hours at the doctor today -- but still managed to go to work, even so.

We don't know about her car (whether it was totaled or not) at this point. But she and Sue had just changed the car insurance to $1,000 deductible (previously $500), because they couldn't afford to pay more. Obviously the timing is bad, but when is a good time for an accident?

The good news is that Candy is still alive, and certainly could have been hurt far worse.

I have to wonder about the hit and run driver. How can people be that uncaring? How do you sleep at night if you've hit someone and not bothered to stop? For all that person knows, someone may have DIED in the resulting accident.

I can't understand that at all...