December 7th, 2008

flag (burst)

Pearl Harbor Day...

It's Pearl Harbor Day. Marilyn mistressmarilyn has always been very involved in patriotic things for the festival. I guess you could say the two of us are big flag wavers. (smile) It's not that we go around slamming other countries at all, but we're proud to be Americans.

This was also our departed friend Audrey's birthday. She died back in 2001. It's hard to believe she's been gone so long. After our mom died, she once told us to think of her as our mother...

(Speaking of, her son Mitch phoned and left me a belated birthday message. I need to call him back at some point.)

Wow. LiveJournal is acting WEIRD today. I'm having a ton of trouble trying to do this entry... (sigh)

Marilyn and I started our day by driving to downtown Portland to meet with Sue B. and check out the potential new space for the office. It's right near the fountain in waterfront park, facing the river -- a lovely location. It has major possibilities, that's for sure.

Then we went for Starbucks (which we've been doing much less often lately, by the way).

After getting home, I started working on the festival website, and got a bunch of necessary changes done. I'm feeling pretty good about it, as a matter of fact... I'm amazed how much work I can did done when I just sit down and do it! (Go, me!)

We're talking about going to Wal-mart to look at a new Christmas tree and pick up some inexpensive meds, but so far we haven't made much move to do that. We want to start decorating for Christmas soon.

I just ran downstairs to tell Marilyn something, and found her napping on the sofa. So I'm thinking I'll go take a nap, too! (Sounds like a plan...)

I was trying out the GreaseMonkey -- LJ: Taglister, and it turns out that's what had my LJ screwing up. I imagine it would be cool for people who don't have quite as many (tons!!!) tags as I do. (heh) Too bad. That would be very cool to use!