December 5th, 2008

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More Icons for Permanent Account Users (and Bday Revisited)

So they've got the 'maximum number of Loyalty Userpics' things, which means that even though when we were only Paid Account people I had far more Loyalty Userpics than say Marilyn mistressmarilyn (due to having a Paid Account more often), we now have the same amount of icons.

But considering that number has gone from 145 to 195, I can hardly complain, right? (heh)

I wonder if the LJ Admin can ever totally 'get' how much some of us LOVE icons???

Seriously, there can never be ENOUGH icons, much less too many!

And I've still seen Permanent Account people who wish they had the ability to PAY to add on more... (grin) That's just how some of us are about this!

In other NEWS...

I just got a birthday greeting from my friend Marcia, who told me she was racing to get it sent before midnight. (smile) The email was dated 11:59, so she made it!

Of course, there's nothing at all wrong with BELATED greetings in my book! In my lifetime, we've often celebrated my bday on another day entirely, which is just fine by me...

I just got another bday virtual gift! This one was from shirasade. Thanks, dearheart. You are one of my oldest friends here at LiveJournal, and I treasure knowing you! (hugs)

Sister Sue brought me party mix from her and daughter (my niece) Candy on Wednesday, by the way. And as I mentioned, phoned me. Plus I got a nice email from her, too.

And my dear friend June had called today and left a message. She wanted to come by in the afternoon and bring me a present, but (of course) I was at work. She asked me to call her when I got home, but it was late and basically I watched a tiny bit of TV and then had a nice, long nap. So I'll have to contact her tomorrow...

I also got a phone call from my friend Martha, whom I've known since 1980 (when she was only 16). We don't stay in touch all that well, and strangely enough I was thinking about her today! So I'll also need to call her tomorrow.

I think I'm going with sister Sue to Costco tomorrow for some much-needed items. She also wants to take me out to breakfast to celebrate my birthday. She has really wanted to see me today, but it just didn't work out. (And what difference does that make, anyway? Seeing someone AROUND my bday is the same, as far as I'm concerned. So whatever...)

Marilyn is washing her hair (as she has yet another early morning meeting tomorrow!), then we're heading to bed. I think we're still trying to get our hours back to 'normal' (for us), after weeks of staying up all night long. We'll get there!

THANKS AGAIN to all my friends here! You guys are really the best. (I wuv you...)
brr, cold

Costco -- and Cold Weather!!! (brr)

Sister Sue and I are going out for breakfast (to celebrate my bday, which was yesterday), then off to Costco. Not to buy presents, mind you, but to get some essentials for around the house. (Not sure we can really AFFORD presents this year...)

We froze here last night. There was ice on the birdbath when I went out to put seed in the various spots where I feed the birds (and squirrels). ICE. (brr)

I have on a warm, long-sleeved shirt today! (I was chilled much of the day yesterday...)

Sue's here! Gotta run!

busy caesar, busy

Busy Day for a Change. (heh)

Yeah, another busy day...

Sister Sue and I went to breakfast, which was nice for the purposes of visiting one another. But there was something 'wrong' with the food. First off, it was cold. We had German pancakes, but couldn't melt the butter on these, because they weren't hot when we got them (???). And my eggs tasted 'odd' to me.

Anyway, I won't go into the gory details, but both Sue and I had reactions. I think we should report it to the restaurant -- not as a complaint, but to let them know. But Sue was really against that idea...

Before breakfast we went to Freddies and I got my tea tree oil, which friend Theresa myhope had suggested for my abscess. I've used it, and it really seems to knock down the pain! I hope it helps in other ways, too. Thanks so much for the tip, Theresa! And for the birthday greetings, too!!! (I don't know how I missed mentioning you before!)

Sue had left her cell phone at home (!!!), so we had to go back for it. I didn't want to go to Costco and get separated and not be able to find her. (We phoned each other several times while there, by the way. Plus she phoned home about things she was getting. So it was a good thing we went to get it!)

After breakfast we went to Costco and did our shopping. I had to renew my membership, which is now up to $50. (yikes)

After that, we came home and I got out the heavy-duty cat carrier for Sue to take home to Candy. I also have her some chunks of sheet rock to use to make a barrier around it. And some old blankets. These are to be used for making a home for Tatters to stay in. Considering the cold weather, we really needed to get on it. So far he's not having anything to do with it, but I think in time he'll mark it and be fine going in there...

My afternoon was spent working on the new flash slideshow for the Home page of the festival website. It turned out really nice, I think! (Those interested can see it HERE, in Marilyn's mistressmarilyn blog. Cool, huh?)

I didn't know we could load flash into our actual blog entries at LiveJournal, so that's pretty nifty! I've made them and loaded them on my Profile page in the past, but what a surprise to add them in an entry.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised, considering the fact that YouTube vids are actually flash. But the one I made is simply hosted at our website, rather than any online service, so...

You learn something new every day, I guess!

Tonight I went to June and Jim's and they gave me their presents, which included one of those pillows with arms for reading in bed, which I do all the time (a fluffy orange one that's adorable), new slippers and a cool bag for hauling all my stuff around in (among other things). Very nice!

And Charold sent home a HUGE box that was beautifully wrapped! It contained FIVE gorgeous long-stemmed votives (with candles).

By the way, while at breakfast, cousin Linda phoned to wish me a belated happy birthday.

And I got more messages here at LJ, too -- from both beckyo and skylightdance.

The bday goodness just keeps rolling my way! Many thanks, everyone.

I'm (finally) finishing up this entry at 3:00 a.m. -- so I really need to head to bed. We're planning on a manicure in the morning, and have our local Portland NaNo wrap-up party from 3:00 - 6:00 p.m.

Life is really busy, as usual!