October 31st, 2008

flag (burst)

I'm John McCain!

And apparently my over-the-head mask is recognizable enough, as I've got people lighting up the second they see me. (grin)

Marilyn mistressmarilyn is my running mate, Sarah Palin -- and she's FANTASTIC!!! I'll have to post photos of her for sure.

She rehearsed and has the voice down and keeps throwing in fun things. A very firm handshake and "Can I call you Jeff?" (the first name thing from the debate) cracks people up!

Mom's flag pin works perfectly! She's in a black skirt and red blazer and keeps telling people it's from her consignment shop in Alaska...

Costumes are mandatory here (we're a festival, after all), so it's a hoot to see how everyone has dressed! Mandy's college student is wearing one of those beer hats, and she's carrying a text book with magazines tucked inside. Kristen is an American Indian, but more specifically, she's wearing a 'Happy Canyon' banner (the Happy Canyon Princesses are in our parade every year). Jeff is a very convincing Dracula, and Moki is the horse for the headless horseman (a miniature riding on his back). I could go on and on, but I'll try to get and share some photos...

I hope all the food turned out well. I was up until 10:30 p.m. finishing it up, and not feeling all that well by then.

In fact, it's tough running a fever and wearing a rubber mask (I'm soaked with sweat inside it), plus I'm still suffering from the effects of this head-cold-like virus. But I'll survive, I'm sure.

The house looks nice and the candy is ready and waiting to hand out. I only need to go home and put on hot dogs and chili for tonight (which is no big deal). Then I can have a nap before evening. (I'm really looking forward to THAT.)

Moki knew me right off, mask or no. He loves me and I love him! I brought him tennis balls from home (we have tons at home, as everyone knows).

Well, I've already done four pages for the website this morning, but I suspect I should get back to work, even so. Halloween is quite 'laid back' around here (we get off early, once the lunch is done and cleaned up), so no worries...

ETA: Sara is sushi!!! It's darling!!!