October 29th, 2008

charlie sick, sick in bed

Sore Throat, Damn It!

The 'sick in bed' icon is false, because I don't have time to be down in bed today! (Why do I have to have a sore throat -- and feel like I'm getting a cold? I don't have TIME for that today!)

First off, I'm going grocery shopping (with sister Sue) to get ingredients for the food I'm cooking for our Friday potluck.

I'm also planning to clean house today -- and (finally) decorate for Halloween. (And maybe do some laundry, if I find the time.)

We'll probably have some people over for Halloween -- I need to invite them today, as it's getting late to do that! Of course, we're very (very) casual about Halloween -- it's nothing fancy. We have some traditional foods and hand out candy to kids and chat and watch horror films on TV. And that's about it! Very laid back.

Traditional foods include hot dogs and chili (and cake donuts, if we can find them). We've had this for Halloween literally our entire lives, by the way. (Long before other people start to make this a 'traditional' holiday...)

Taking photos of little kids is part of the fun -- we've got many from years past. (Well before digital cameras!)

Well, I've got to run. Hopefully I'll write more later.

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Still Feel Like Crap -- And So Does Marilyn.

My sore throat is worse, even though I took a nap for around an hour and a half.

But I woke (on the sofa in the living room) when I heard Marilyn mistressmarilyn shutting the coat closet door and talking to one of the cats!

Some of the following might be TMI... You've been warned!

She had stomach cramps last night (which had me worried and talking about her seeing a doctor). And these got worse today -- then she had the runs a couple of times at works. So home she came.

She has work to do, so I suspect she's planning to use her laptop while cozy on the couch in the family room. Remote Access is the best thing since peanut butter! (grin)

She drove over one of the bags of kitty litter while pulling into the garage, and it has a hole. My own fault. I put both bags there to bring in to the garage, then forgot them. That's what feeling lousy will do to you, I guess.

I still need to do the garbage and recycling, which includes the cat boxes -- which is why I bought the kitty litter this morning. It's actually a nice day outside, chilly, but blue skies and sunshine. I wish it would stay that way for Halloween, but they're saying rain. (boo hoo)

I've put a load of dishes to wash and finished unpacking the rest of the groceries, so I think I'll lie down again. I did a little bit of work on ClubRunner, but didn't much feel like doing any computer-related work today.

The plan may now be for me to finish my cleaning and decorating tomorrow, rather than go in to work. I'm going Tuesday for sure, anyway, so I guess stuff can wait until then!

Then Marilyn and I will go down late tomorrow night to decorate the office for Halloween.

Sounds like a plan! What the heck, resting seems like heaven right now, so it's probably the thing to do.

Whatever bug has been going around here just keeps making the rounds. Marilyn said that Jeff's family is sick again, too. Or it could be a different bug, I suppose. This time I feel like I've got a head cold coming on -- and last time it was intestinal for me. Marilyn never did seem to entirely shake the 'bug in her butt' (as I was calling it today), so she may be dealing with the same thing she had to begin with. All I know is that it's hard to work when you're running to the bathroom. And nobody wants to worry about making it to the bathroom on time! (Been there not so long ago myself...)

We'll get everything done on time, anyway, come hell or high water!