October 24th, 2008


Busy, Busy, Busy Day at the Office!

The two cubes (work spaces) for our new Administrative Assistants (Hailey and Paul) are now set up, as are their computers and phones (they'll need to add a message when they start here). I actually cleared out everything that wasn't needed (the one cube had been Amy's, so the parade stuff could go, for example) and SCRUBBED the desktops (!!!), which really needed it.

Setting up their phones requires using the phone system (separate large unit) and the Server, then making an archive. I'm so used to VMMI now that I did it all without even using any notes or my manual (that I've created), which is very cool.

I tidied up in the IT Room (it was suddenly a mess!) -- which (as usual) required a bunch of heavy lifting. Between that and climbing up and down (and up and down) the stairs here, I tend to get quite a lot of exercise when in the office! (I didn't miss my bike ride at all today, in other words...)

I did some website work, too, but spent very little time on ClubRunner today. I need to stick with that until I'm really (really, really) comfortable with it. I want it totally set up and ready to go by the first week in November -- and I hope to be ready to train people by then, too.

I should start typing up my ClubRunner notes, as I tend to forget that it's easy (easier?) for me because I've done so much stuff that's similar...

I wish I could write my own style sheet for the site!!! (Yeah, here I go again... smile...)

I spoke briefly to sister Sue today. She was heading to her cribbage tournament and wanted to thank us again for taking care of the cats (yes, plural) for them. It's gone from feeding elderly cat Saxon to also feeding their outdoor cat(s?). But what can I do? I don't want to let any cat go hungry, after all! The very idea makes me nuts.

I also spoke briefly to Phooty, who is able to come to lunch next Tuesday (along with son Gary). Both Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I are really looking forward to seeing her.

It's now heading toward 7:30 p.m. (no "Jeopardy" tonight, obviously), so I'm glad we have last night's leftovers to look forward to! Or we might break down and have the chili we'd wanted to have last weekend...

We're talking about possibly driving to the beach on Sunday, which would be nice! I think the last time we went was for Mitch's bday, which is August 20, but we went down on August 23... That sounds like fun to me. The weather is supposed to be nice -- and who knows how much more sunny weather we'll have? (And especially nice beach days.)

Now it's almost 8:00 p.m. Yes, we're STILL at the office and STILL working. (I don't recall what time Carol left, but she was the last of the others to take off...)

Meanwhile, I've been up in the IT Room checking out one of the laptops (which is a mess). Back to work, I guess...