October 22nd, 2008

brr, cold

Cold in Here? Yes!

It's 66° in the house this morning.

Okay, it could be worse -- it could be 64° (which it has been on several occasions). But in light of my sore knees, it seems bad enough to me!

Yes, the furnace is on and I'll soon have it warm, thankfully! I'm glad, knowing that I'll have to turn it off during (and after) the oil delivery...

I'd better make sure it's a bit more warm than normal, don't you think?

Marilyn mistressmarilyn is off to her early meeting. Happily there's no fog today, unlike yesterday!

She's having lunch with Ellen today, whom I personally haven't seen in several years. (Ellen used to work at the festival, way back when.)

One of Marilyn's current goals is to be more social. She went to lunch with Marcia yesterday, so I'd say she's on her way to meeting that goal.

I could stand to do the same, actually. There are always opportunities to interact with our friends, but we don't always take advantage of these...

It's supposed to be warmer today, so I might be able to get some yard work done. That would be a very good thing, as we haven't really begun to 'winterize' things around here, yet. (Though I did get the pump out of the fountain.)

Yesterday a damn squirrel was out on the deck digging (!!!) in the cushion of our swing! I watched him trying to figure out what he was up to, and he was filling his mouth with piles of seat stuffing! I dashed out and shooed him off, but he took away the whole corner. June and Jim were having the same issue with a cushion at their house, so I have to be sure to tell them about this. (Marilyn said that the squirrel got his training over there and then came over here to repeat the crime!) I suppose it's building a nest somewhere, using the stuff. Squirrels are fluffy-tailed rats, and I'm not a fan. This is just another thing (in a long list) of disgusting behavior that makes me want them out of my yard...

I've got to get the new cushions we just bought put away, before the squirrels get to these, too. We'd be pretty unhappy if they started to tackle the brand new cushions!

Well, I'm off to make a pot of much-needed coffee.

no way lj, lj -- no way

Community Ads? Ouch.

As someone who has a Permanent Account, I apologize for being so clueless about the situation with communities and the way they display for unpaid users...

I don't tend to 'visit' LiveJournal unless I'm logged in, so I had to take the URL of one of the communities where I play and dump it into another browser so I could see...

I'm very annoyed that I can't customize the advertising for any of my own communities, by the way. Shouldn't I be the one who determines placement (etc.) of these ads, as the owner/maintainer (moderator) of a given community?

And isn't it a big pain that I'm not really seeing how a community displays when I tweak (and tweak and tweak) it?

Tell me this: Are we able to downgrade communities to Basic, the way we can with other accounts?

I can't seem to find any way to do that, but I thought it used to be an option (???) here.

I feel exceptionally angry about this for some reason.

I just went back and re-read numerous entries in my blog that deal with changes at LiveJournal over the years I've been a member here. It was a bit depressing, to tell you the truth. I've been warning about the 'Advertising trend' at LJ for years, and it's clearly even worse than I anticipated.

As always, don't get me wrong. I've been a LiveJournal fan for ages (I joined in 2002), and would never think of simply 'leaving' LJ. I have enormous respect for all the work that's done here. I know it's necessary to have advertising to keep LJ going, because none of this is free, after all. I'm here for the long run, in other words.

But I've said again and again that I'm opposed to animated/Flash ads, which I find hard on the eyes. I feel strongly that we need to have as much control as possible over ad placement, as well as ad content. As for placement, what's the point of bothering with a layout and theme (plus lots of customizing) if the ads are going to trash it all, anyway?

Obviously I'll never be someone who shrugs and then ignores changes that disturb me. No, I'm not personally impacted by ads, because when I'm logged in I don't even see them. But it's not all about me (no matter how much I joke that it is) -- never has been and never will be. If others are impacted, friends or no, then I care -- and I'm going to rant about it. (smile)

Actually, it appears I should have ranted about this ages ago! I just didn't know how annoying the situation is for unpaid users... (sigh)

By the way, it's disgusting to see long-time communities (created more than five years ago) that have their layouts ruined by ads! I actually shuddered when I checked them...

autumn sunshine

The Oil Has Been Delivered!


The oil has already been delivered!!! I was supposed to phone at 8:30 this morning to find out when the oil was coming -- and I didn't even get a chance to do that! So the furnace was still on when they started to fill the tank. (sigh)

Anyway, I did dash to turn it off, as it should have been when they arrived (!!!). And now I'm supposed to leave it off for the next two hours, to allow the oil to 'settle' in the tank.

Okay, then!

As the house is still damn cold, I believe I'll be 'forced' (smile) to go bundle in a blankie for a bit and enjoy another cup of coffee...

Life is hard. (grin)

charlie 2012 beige

I Miss My Friend...

While out working in the yard, I thought about him as I stacked the chairs he bought for me. I thought about him while gazing at my rock garden. I thought about him when I saw my (very special) bench and 'the sacred cow,' too...

Collapse )

Yes, things happen and relationships do change. It's just a fact of life. But sometimes the way they end surprises me.

Of course, I'm happy to say that I've been lucky, for the most part. It's a rare person who has gone out of my life and never returned.

On that note, Marilyn's mistressmarilyn lunch with Ellen was very nice. It's interesting to connect with someone you haven't been around for many years.

And I'm looking forward to lunch with my dear friend Phooty (and her son).

Don't get me wrong: I'm not unhappy, or dwelling on my loss. Life is still very busy, very full and very, very good!

I hope the same is true for my friend... (sigh)

autumn sunshine

Sunny, Busy Autumn Day!

This has been a busy, busy day! (And it's only 3:15 p.m. right now!)

I've been working on the festival website -- both doing images and coding. There was a news item to put up, so that alone is four pages of code...

I've also been doing some organizational things, both website and IT related. (And working a little bit on ClubRunner again...)

I just finished up doing some very necessary yard work, putting away some of the deck furniture, stacking other pieces out of the way, sweeping the deck and patio (and under the large patio picnic table). I wanted to prepare for the yard guys to come -- to make sure they'd do a decent job -- and to get some of this stuff at least started!

Yes. The new cushions are safely in the garage, out of reach of any troublesome squirrels (!!!) who want to turn them into nests.

It's all very physical, so I'm resting for a few minutes while I type this. Next I want my bike ride, before starting on the garbage and recycling (it's Wednesday again).

I also hope to cook dinner when I get back, assuming I have time! I want to make a pot of homemade soup, so I should have it on right now. (Maybe I'll re-think my schedule...)

Anyway, as busy and productive as it's been, I have lots more to do (obviously), so I'd better run!