October 21st, 2008


My All-Important Cyber World...

I don't think I discuss it often enough or strongly enough, but for me, the Cyber World is an essential part of my life.

First and foremost are all of my cyber friends -- which certainly includes everyone here at LiveJournal. You are friends in the truest sense of the word, as far as I'm concerned, and I can't imagine life without all of you!

Of course my work as a webmaster means that I'm always tied to browsers and websites -- as does my IT-related work. Plus using Remote Access from work further ties me to cyberspace. I suppose that goes without saying.

LiveJournal has become one of my cyber notepads over the years. I track appointments and purchases and all matter of important things here. For more personal things, like addresses and passwords, I tend to use my Yahoo Mail Notepad, which is a feature automatically included with all Yahoo email accounts, by the way. If you've never tried it, you really should! I can't praise it highly enough. I keep every password from both life and work there, and it's much easier to use than any physical copy I might have.

One of the cool things about the Yahoo Notepad is that whatever you type as the first line is automatically what the file is named. I adore that feature! I wish other softwares had it...

Obviously it's incredible how I've come to rely on the cyber world for research, which can be something as simple as maps and directions to a location, the times of a store or movie, a recipe or the definition of an unfamiliar word to more complicated research, such as how to do some IT-related function, or detailed historical info for a fanfic, etc.

Hey, I literally haven't touched an actual phone book in years! Why would I bother when it's so much easier and quicker to find out a number (etc.) online?

When was my last manicure? When did I have my last mammogram? When did I last take the cats to the vet? It's all here at LiveJournal, and no more difficult to type here than to jot it down somewhere. Paper notes have a way of disappearing on me, but cyber notes are always exactly where I left them! (smile)

I do tend to keep my phone numbers on my cell phone, which is probably a BAD idea. I need to type them up and save them over at Yahoo, with all the important addresses I already track there. Of course, when I finally upgrade my cell phone, I plan to get a phone that can be 'backed up' (or whatever they call it), allowing me to have all my numbers in one safe place. (That's one of the main reasons I want a new phone, by the way!) I'm due to get that phone any day now and am really excited about it...

Sometimes I wonder how I managed to live before computers with internet access! I really do...

(No, I'll skip the trip down memory lane, where I explain what it used to be like. While I'm not sorry I've lived through the times that I have, I don't like to dwell on the past. Notwithstanding my love of history, NOW is what it's all about for me!)

brr, cold

Oil Delivery Tomorrow

Happily, our wonderful oil company (a smaller, local business we've used forever) will be delivering oil to our house tomorrow. I'm glad it's supposed to be warmer Wednesday, as I have to have the furnace off for delivery -- and for a couple hours after that for the oil to 'settle.' (brr)

We ordered our normal 200 gallons, which came to a total of $552.00 this year. Last year we ordered in November, and the total was $664.00, which comes to a savings of $112.00 (over last year).

Okay, yeah, it's still pretty high, compared to previous years (before 2007). But I still think it's very good news, considering all the dire warnings we'd been hearing about the cost of heating our home this winter...


I actually went for a bike ride this afternoon! That was after the fog finally lifted and the sun came out. It was chilly, but I bundled up in a sweatshirt and leather gloves, so I stayed pretty warm. Somebody remind me in future to do something to keep my knees a bit warmer, though, will you? (smile) I had to take a hot bath this evening to warm them up, they hurt so bad.

It was lovely to be out in the fresh air and sunshine, I must admit. My goal is to ride a little every day, if possible. Rain shouldn't really keep me in, but I'm not planning to be stupid, either. I've already had the flu, so I don't need a prolonged cold or other illness to tell me to be wise. It has been my experience, though, that if I get out and get a little exercise that I tend to be more healthy, rather than less so. Well, we'll see how it goes with this goal! (grin)

On the days when I'm in the festival office, I get a lot of exercise, running up and down the stairs all day long. As I've mentioned before, my cube is downstairs near the back of the office, and the IT Room is upstairs, near the front of the building (in the opposite corner, as well). No matter what, it always seems like I'm up and down and up and down. I can't complain, really, because I think the exercise is good for me!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I have decided on our costumes for Halloween, so we'll need to spend this coming weekend pulling them together. They're going to be great fun, I think! (heh) But I'm not giving them away just yet!!!

The festival received an award -- the '2008 Best of Portland Award' -- via email today. Um, RIGHT. It didn't take me long to discover that it was a scam, known as a 'vanity award.' They give you a link to the (yes, very attractive) award -- and how to order it. They also give you a link to a pretty realistic 'Press Release.' The amusing thing? When you google that exact award, you find tons of businesses that have been taken in by it! I couldn't believe how many of the press releases (using this award name) were all over the internet, showing off their 'win.' Hey? Try some other organization, guys. The festival knows what a real win is all about! (And to think you can find out the facts by checking with the Better Business Bureau! How hard is that? People are either lazy, or they just love the idea of winning an award -- any award -- so much, that they don't bother to check...)

On the website side, I need to finish the Court pages I've been working on. And notify Lilia that the SSL Certification for the store website expires on November 3, so she can take care of it. (Not sure why they're coming to me for help, but that's what it's like when you're the webmaster, I guess. You even get questions about the websites connected to the festival that you don't happen to manage... Not that I mind, of course. It's just interesting!)

I did some actual cleaning and organizing in my home office today, aside from the coding (and other website) work I got done. This was actually a productive day, even though I didn't end up going to the office to do the IT-related work I'd planned on.

Sister Sue told me that her friend Patsy got her medical test results, and she doesn't have more cancer, after all! That's great news!!! (She's dealing with a serious family-related issue, but that's a whole different story...)

Sue has a cribbage tournament this weekend, so she'll be gone. And her daughter (my niece) Candy is going to the beach this weekend, I guess.

We got the most recent Indiana Jones movie on DVD yesterday. (Yes, we were fans of this movie -- and have been long-time fans of the entire series, including the TV show.)

I guess that's it for now!