October 8th, 2008

sister marilyn

Marilyn... (and Tom)

My amazing sister Marilyn mistressmarilyn is not taking anything lying down. But she's probably the toughest person I know, so why would she?

I feel like saying 'Men!' in an exasperated tone, and throwing my hands in the air. Except we're only talking about ONE man -- and not tons of really cool men that I know. So while it's easy to blame this on gender, I'll skip that. Because not all men run away when they don't feel like facing a difficult situation.

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I'm glad Marilyn is able to deal. I can't imagine a time when she wouldn't. She has more balls than any man I've ever known. But she's also compassionate and caring and loving. I guess I'd wish that for all the people I know, man or woman -- that they could be both strong and gentle, all in one. Being a well-rounded person is work, of course. As is being a mature person. By the way, being mature doesn't mean you can't have constant fun, because Marilyn and I have fun almost every day of our lives! I'm not kidding. We love our lives.

I wish that everyone loved their lives as much as we do. I'm sure the world would be a better place if that were the case.

charlie sick, sick in bed


Yes, both Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I have actually been sick since last week (prior to load in and the actual Auction).

We both spent much of Monday in bed, as a matter of fact.

But she had meetings yesterday (including an early morning meeting), and I had the IT-related issues with our phones system. So we were at work yesterday and today...

That is, we were at work today until...

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We didn't eat anything in common last night or today, so it's got to be the flu, which is probably what Sara has been home sick with. (Sara didn't seem all that good today, either.)

Anyway, we're now home. I've already been 'in there' yet again. (sigh) Now I think I'll go and lie down.

Yeah. I've felt better. And while I can work even when I'm sick, it's pretty nice to be at home and able to rest in my own bed.

(I'll do the garbage and recycling later...)