September 29th, 2008

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Manicures and Pedicures

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I really hate getting these done (smile), but we both had our manicures and pedicures this afternoon.

It had been six weeks (tomorrow) since we last had manicures (and in my case, my pedicure, too). We both track these via our blogs, actually -- so it's easy to check and see how long it's been.

We needed to get them before the Auction next Saturday, so it's great to have that out of the way. I did my usual 'pearl' on my manicure (rather than the normal French manicure with white tips), and I did RED for my pedicure!

Usually I do gold for my toes, so it's a big deal when I use any other color. (smile)

We haven't done a JOT of actual festival-related work today, which considering I was working on the PowerPoint until 3:30 in the morning yesterday is a pretty big deal. I admit I've been itching to open it up and look at it, but if I do I'll be tempted to work on it, and that's NOT happening today. We'll get plenty of it tomorrow, I'm sure.

It's going much faster than expected (!!!), so I think we'll have it done tomorrow. We'll see!

We did go u-pick green tomatoes today (two big bags), and also bought zucchini and a few peaches. Rain is due the end of the week, so there probably won't be many more green tomatoes this year. (sigh)

Speaking of the rain that's due, it's going to rain both on Friday and Saturday. Thanks, God. (sigh) Friday we load in for the Auction and Saturday is event day. We've never had it rain on our Auction before, so this is disappointing. But event people are like farmers -- we can't control the weather! (We just spend a lot of time bitching about it!!!)