September 25th, 2008

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News for Today -- Website Updates

As I mentioned before, I've got the new Court pages for the festival website almost done... (Thankfully!!!)

I spent several hours today alone working on them, to be as ready as possible for my meeting with Leslie tomorrow (Friday). In all, there are 11 new pages that simply need to be viewed and cleared before going 'live' at the website. (Yes, it was a TON of work, but I'm hoping Leslie will be pleased with what I've done.)

And yesterday I coded the News item about Carol (that also went out as a Press Release), so it's (finally!) up. Actually, I'd been going to put it up and going to put it up -- and I'd already had it coded at one point, but then it didn't happen. So this is a very good thing. And I'm glad it went out to the media, as well as up at the website, because Carol really deserves that! Talk about your hard-working people. (whew)

So, aside from the four pages I coded for the News item, and the 11 pages I coded for the Court section, I also added a bunch of photos, changed some copy and cleaned up some 'bad' code for an additional 5+ pages (I'm not really sure if it's more than 5 pages...). For those keeping track (smile), that's a total of 20+ pages of code.

That's one hell of a lot of website work, I have to tell you!

The photo aspect takes a lot of time -- and the photos Mandy had sent me to use were so damn big that they crashed my computer REPEATEDLY when I tried to save them. (sigh) I did create a new header for the Court pages, that features the 2008 court and Queen. (I finally have the 'official' portrait of the Queen, which I pretty much needed to do this project.)

In Other News...

I heard from Jessica that the Golf Tournament went well on Tuesday. That's good news!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn didn't feel well today, so she stayed home. Of course, that didn't keep her from working a TON using Remote Access. (Talk about dedication. Even when she feels lousy she works her ass off...)

Sister Sue's trip up the Gorge with her visiting cribbage friend Larry (yesterday) went well, I guess. The weather cooperated and only sprinkled on them lightly a couple of times.

Yes, our weather has changed locally -- and gone from lovely and warm to gray, wet and cold. (sigh) It has everyone I know tired and a bit out of sorts.

I'm sure there's more, but it's now almost 10:00 p.m. -- and I think I'm going to cook us a late dinner. Neither of us has eaten all that much today, so it might be nice to have a hot meal.