September 17th, 2008

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Bookmarks Are Your Friends!

I use Bookmarks (also known as Favorites) a ton. As someone who is online for both work and leisure, I can't even begin to list all the sites I have bookmarked -- though I'm guessing it's hundreds.

No, I do not rely on the 'History' of my browser Address area to keep track of sites I frequently visit. To me, that's what Bookmarks are for. I have my Bookmarks very neatly organized in numerous folders, so that I can easily located them. And I have a tendency to take my Bookmark file to the office every now and then, so that it's matched up with what I use here at home.

Frankly, I don't even log in here at LiveJournal without going to my Bookmarks and locating the login page! (smile)

Recently I've been cleaning them out quite a bit. Because I tend to be constantly adding to my Bookmarks, they can get to the point where they're a bit out of control (nice, neat folders aside). As I go through them and 'test' to see if each one is still active, I'm frequently surprised by all the websites that are no longer there. (sigh) I guess it's just another reason for 'housecleaning' where Bookmarks are concerned!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn needs to clean up her own Bookmarks on her desktop computer here at home -- then I'll be able to transfer them to her new laptop (and to her work computer), so she has the same ones everywhere...

Anyway, I'm proud of all the work I've put into cleaning out (and cleaning up) my Bookmarks.

Bookmarks are a very good thing!

sister marilyn

Big Day! Marilyn's Laptop is Here...

Marilyn's mistressmarilyn laptop came first thing this morning -- which was a good thing, considering I stayed here all day yesterday waiting for it to be delivered!

Sister Sue got good news from the dentist yesterday. (She and I have the same dentist, by the way.) Dentist Mary put in two new titanium posts and re-cemented her partial -- so she's not 'toothless' on top, thankfully! It may very well hold for some time, too. And Mary didn't charge her a dime for the work...

Tom and I tried to go to Costco to pick up some things -- but that just didn't happen. So instead we went to Freddies and got the iPod Shuffle that he's donating for the Auction -- then he paid for lunch from McDonald's (I tried, but he's stubborn that way... smile...).

Tom and Marilyn are donating a package together for the Auction -- an iPod 101 thing. Marilyn will come into a person's home to teach someone how to set up their iPod and use iTunes. They get the iPod Shuffle (that Tom bought), plus '101 downloads' from iTunes (Marilyn had me pick up two $50 iTunes Gift Cards today -- so we'll need to toss in an extra dollar). Isn't that a cute package?

Because this was the 101 year of the festival (last year was our Centennial, as you'll recall me mentioning constantly in 2007), we've got this 101 theme going on constantly -- either as 101 items (bottles of wine, bars of chocolate, etc.) or like classes ('Creating with Duct Tape 101'). Isn't that clever? (heh)

Tom and I ate out on the deck here -- and it was quite warm! We're still having our Indian Summer weather. Both cats adore Tom and were all over him (Colin coming right up to him and doing his 'quivery tail' thing -- and Henry getting up beside him and licking his hand). We let them come outside while we ate lunch and chatted.

Tom's going to help with the Auction setup, which is a very, very good thing! He's so physically strong -- and I can really rely on him to help move the computer equipment.

Tom's also donating a 101 Chips package that Carol had suggested. He was going to get the chips from Frito Lay, but told me today he'd just purchase them himself -- which is very cool of him.

I spent a good chunk of the afternoon setting up Marilyn's laptop for her -- changing the default settings and adding software. It's running on Windows Vista, which I haven't used all that much, to tell you the truth. But I'm getting rather comfortable with it now, so it's all good. I was determined not to let it bother me, and I was happy with how quickly I was picking up how to use it. The laptop is a honey -- very compact and light-weight, for packing around. It's a cool shade of deep blue, and has an interesting 'slot' style DVD player/recorder.

By the way, it was easy to get it connected to the internet, as we have a wireless router in the house (for our two networked desktop computers).

I stared on a website news item for the festival, about our Pinnacle wins (yes, it mentions the website Silver award). I'll finish that up tomorrow.

I have a bunch of other NEW pages I need to code for the website, too, so I'll manage to stay busy. (smile)

I'm going to the office tomorrow to attend our celebratory Staff Meeting (postponed from Tuesday) -- and hopefully get a few IT-related tasks done.

Marilyn and I will need to leave early tomorrow, to take Henry to the vet for his his appointment. (I hope nothing too serious is wrong with him... sigh...)

We got our estimate on the carpet installation today, which is quite spendy. We also got our estimate on the drywall job and painting from Earl, which is really reasonable. (He's such a good guy.)

Earl is doing the drywall job tomorrow (Friday) -- and hopefully the painting of the family room next week. We need to start moving out EVERYTHING we can downstairs, preparing for both the painting and the carpet job. We've already been taking boxes of stuff to the Goodwill. This will be a good motivation to get more organized (and to get rid of more stuff around here).

Well, if I've forgotten any recent news, it's certainly not for lack of trying! (smile)