July 14th, 2008



Back from the office at around 2 a.m.

Busy, busy, busy -- and with so much more to do, too.

(Marilyn mistressmarilyn was falling asleep on the family room sofa the last time I saw her...)

As for me, I'm just getting ready for bed. It's past 3 a.m. here, so it's about time! We've got tons more work to do tomorrow, so I should hurry. We need to try to get up at a decent hour.

I think Mitch phoned today, but I missed the call. He'd wanted to play tennis yesterday, and I told him to call today. I'd totally forgotten about that, as busy as we were! (Whoops -- sorry Mitch...)

It was a beautiful day here -- total, full-out summer! (grin) We're both loving it.

So life is good. Very. And lots of work doesn't change that one jot.



Work Update...

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I are getting ready to take a short nap. We've been working away steadily, but have a ton more to do.

We plan to go in to the office again this evening to do part of it, just like we did yesterday.

I just printed out my version of the Visitor Summary stats for the festival website. Rather than do them day by day, I did them week by week -- which makes them far easier to work with. My entire report ended up on one page, were as the report from last year was seven pages long. You get the same info, so I much prefer the shorter version.

The cool thing is that we had more than 12,000 additional visitors this year, compared to last year (which was our Centennial year, mind you). The total was very close to 400,000 visitors for a one-year period. Not shabby.

I'm proud of those results, which I feel I help to influence in several ways that I won't bother listing right now. And, yes, I'm aware I get pretty boring on the subject of the festival website! I just can't seem to help myself. (heh)

Well, I'll try and write again later. I'm yawning and really need that nap before we head to the office!

I now have to move a computer and set it up with a rather complicated application when we get in there -- a whole new task that popped up this morning. I'm glad to do it, but it is more work, so I don't mind a short rest before tackling it. (Which only reminds me that I do have a lot of IT-related tasks I need to work on this coming week...) I'll probably still go in to the office tomorrow, even if I get the computer set up tonight. But we'll see about that...