July 3rd, 2008

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Busy, Busy, Busy -- Cleaning is Still Happening

We're still working away here...

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What we ate for dinner was these fabulous burgers that my friend (and neighbor) June had told me about. They sell them at Costco, so when we went there yesterday we got a box. The Angus burgers are pre-cooked, which means you only have to toss them in the microwave for less than five minutes to have delicious burgers ready to eat!

You can actually throw them on the grill, or into a frying pan, too -- but they take very little time to prepare, no matter how you fix them. The brand name on the box is Quick 'N Eat -- but the website they list is lopezfoods.com. It's a very simple website, and currently doesn't even list this product. But the food? You have to try it to believe it! Imagine eating the best burger you've ever had -- and doing it in under five minutes of deciding you want one!

We live in a wonderful world... (A slab of Tillamook cheese melted on top made for some very primo cheeseburgers, I have to tell you.) Try getting food like that at any fast food place. (Not, mind you, that I'm slamming fast food. I eat a lot of it. But still...)

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Well, back to it! I'd like to get done so we can head to bed at a reasonable time. We've got tanning appointments for first thing tomorrow morning.

I wonder who all will drop by tomorrow? I can't wait to see!


Thunder and Lightning! And Rain...

We just had incredibly LOUD thunder -- and lightning right over the house. And now it's raining to beat the band. Hard, hard rain. Huge drops.

Soaking our brand new cushions, out on the deck, mind you.

Well, it's past 2 a.m. and time we headed to bed. All we can hope is that the heat of tomorrow will dry out the cushions before our guests come over. (sigh)

Anyway, I'm tired -- and we have our tanning appointments fairly early tomorrow. So, that's it for today...

(This entry should have been me bragging about all the work the two of us got done. Oh well!)

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Company Today...

We're supposed to have some people dropping by (hopefully) today.

We just ran to the store to get pound cake, Cool Whip and Reddi-wip -- to have with the strawberries sister Sue gave us. Should be tasty! (I figured both toppings gave people of choice of their fave -- though you don't notice me considering making homemade whipped cream!)

Tom is coming by around 2 p.m.

Angel is supposed to come by around 4 p.m.

As for other potential guests, I guess they'll drop by when they wish -- which is totally cool.

Unfortunately, the cushions got totally soaked. I don't know if any of them will end up dried out enough to use today. (sigh) That's a shame, but it was totally beyond our control, after all.

The house looks nice and I've had shower and washed my hair. I suppose I should go put some product on it and put on some light makeup, at least, but we'll see if that happens or not! (heh)

It's been all about the yard and house -- and not much about me. (smile)

This has been a nice -- and very productive -- vacation so far, by the way. It's going to be a good summer!

Well, it's almost 2:00, so I'd better quit for now.

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Tom Was Here Today

Yes, Tom was over to visit today. And he looked great, by the way. He was all dressed in black (shorts and tee), and not wearing a hat for a change. I thought his hair looked terrific, which begs the question: Why does he always seem to be wearing a hat? (I guess maybe he's just a hat guy, huh?) He had on very white tennis shoes. They were so clean they looked brand new...

Anyway, Tom brought over TWO huge bags of chips, which I hadn't expected. What a sweetheart! And Marilyn mistressmarilyn put him to work (smile), so he helped out by cleaning the entire backyard side of the house with a broom! It looks great -- and how nice of him. (He's just that kind of guy.) Of course he was warm and friendly with all our friends, too, needless to say. You just gotta like this man. You really do.

He had a burger and let me fix it as I pleased, eating it with nothing but compliments. He's such a 'guy' -- in a good way, mind you. I only wish he could have stayed longer. He said he'd come back tomorrow -- and I hope he does. It was great having him here...

The only bad part was that I didn't take any photos while he was here. Darn. Why didn't I think of that? Anyway, I made an icon from one of the photos I got when I went to lunch with him, way back when.