July 2nd, 2008

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Fourth of July (Independence Day) Icons!!!

I finished up a relatively 'quick' batch of Fourth of July icons. I'm sharing them here for the members of seasonal_icons -- plus my LJ friends, of course! (Well, those of you who are Americans, that is!)

I hope you enjoy them...

 22. 4th 22 28. 4th 28
  18.4th 18  13.4th 13
These four, plus more, under the cut (30 total)...

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I'm not sure why, but I always seem to end up with tons (and tons and tons) of these. I have piles of just fireworks-style icons, plus all the flags and other types...

We've been working around the house, getting ready to have company come. I can't wait to see these people and to share our lovely yard with them! But it's a ton of work. I've been picking up the kitchen a little (I need to do dishes and mop the floor) and need to tackle my bathroom, at least a little. The living room is pretty good (thankfully). Plus today is our garbage and recycling day, so I need to get to that, too. (sigh)

It's worth it -- but I'd rather goof off and make more icons (smile) -- plus play games and watch TV. Lazy days of summer! (heh)


Where the Hell is Matt?

You've got to see this YouTube video (if you haven't before). It moved me to tears, frankly...

I love the entire concept of DANCING around the world -- especially dancing with others wherever he happens to be.

Kudos to Stride (Stride gum) for helping make this amazing video possible. (It impressed the hell out of me!)

So: Where the Hell is Matt?

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And be sure to visit WhereTheHellIsMatt.Com, too.

No surprise to me that Matt is from the Pacific Northwest. (We're pretty cool people here... grin...)