May 25th, 2008

I write therefor I am

Script Writing

Tomorrow is another big work day for the festival...

Marilyn mistressmarilyn is especially slammed at work right now, so I was hoping to help her with some things. But after talking, I think I'm working from home while she goes in.

I'm pretty good on the parade script, believe it or not!

Plus this past Friday I did a very careful job of proofing the other parade script (the one I used to do every year).

So, I had to reformat a bunch of it (can you say hard page break people?) -- and I rewrote and edited some of the rest of it. Yes, I'm kind of picky about the whole thing after all these years...

Collapse )

Anyway, we're only a few days out from the start of the 2008 festival. I can't believe it! Tomorrow is Memorial Day. I'm in heavy denial.

Or as we always say at this point, this puppy is practically over right now! (heh)

Marilyn's been clearing off our DVR. It was full of news stories from the 2007 festival and it was a blast watching them back! They did one featuring sister Sue that took both of us completely by surprise. They'd seen Sue's festival memory at the Story Blog (my main coding project last year) and picked her to go on the news! It was on, then off, then on again several times -- but they did end up doing it. Very special, and something we didn't have anything to do with, as much as that surprised others.

We had several instances of Marilyn on the news, something she does so well. Then we also cleared out the recent stuff from this year -- and I'd never seen it! I was plainly visible in several scenes, which came as a total surprise to me. I'd had someone tell me they'd 'seen me on TV,' but I hadn't taken it seriously. But now it seems that they were right after all...

When we were shooting that, I'd believed I was in the background enough to be entirely invisible. Which shows you how easy it is for a camera to see things we'd never guess at.

Anyway, we're actually going to take time to go to a movie tonight (!!!), so I'd better sign off. More about that tomorrow, hopefully!